What if ... I just won the lotto!!!!!!!!!

9/25/11 7:35 PM
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Do I get a blue?
9/25/11 7:35 PM
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Awesome and Congrats!! What kind of lotto if you don't mind me asking? I always play the Super and Mega here in Cali and I've never won any amount of money haha!! Phone Post
9/25/11 7:36 PM
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Congrats, dude. Phone Post
9/25/11 7:37 PM
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9/25/11 7:38 PM
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Congrats. I don't want anything, just think its cool that a guy wins big like that and posts on the OG right away.
9/25/11 7:38 PM
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Very nice!
9/25/11 7:40 PM
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In for free blue!

Oh ya, congrats btw! Phone Post
9/25/11 7:43 PM
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Did you play MegaMillions or Powerball?
Quick picks or chosen numbers? Phone Post
9/25/11 7:44 PM
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Payoff the house, college for the kids! congrats.

also bluename the fuck outta me.

9/25/11 7:44 PM
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Congrats bro!

Don't buy anybody a blue name. If they really want one, they should dish out the 20-ish bucks on their own.
9/25/11 7:45 PM
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Congrats OG brother!!! Phone Post
9/25/11 7:45 PM
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Dude that's awseome. Put some in a high yield savings, and some in high interest trust(if you have kids). Also if you have anything you passionate about(breast cancer, autism, hunger in the us, whatever) it will nake you feel good to make a small donation.
9/25/11 7:46 PM
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Gratz man. Don't waste it all on coke and hookers just most of it.
9/25/11 7:47 PM
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Good for you!! Phone Post
9/25/11 7:48 PM
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Rad to the max
9/25/11 7:48 PM
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1. Don't take it as a lump sum, take it in payments.

2. Learn to say no to people who ask you to give/lend them money. If you can't say no, get someone else to say no for you.

3. Read up about people who ended up worse off after they won the lottery, and learn from their mistakes.
9/25/11 7:49 PM
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don't need a blue name, but major congrats!!!
9/25/11 7:50 PM
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Congratulations - it can be an amazing or insanely difficult road ahead.

I suggest you read all of the horror stories of other Lotto winners. As much as I would like to win a million dollars there just seems to be this phenomena where it eventually leads to it all being squandered and the people are unhappy. Of course I wouldn't deny the opportunity if it came up, but everything has its price and you're going to unfortunately have friends and family that may or may not be disappointed with how you spend your money.

If you've got kids that will be the perfect excuse to find a way to indulge a little but for the most part squirrel it away for security and investment. If you don't - then there are situations like "Aunt Sarah who has three kids and is hit the hard times" and then realizing that even if you give her 10 Gs it won't be considered a gift because it will be from the money that just fell into your lap." - Of course I'm saying don't be generous - or that any of that is likely to happen, it's just that you can't please everyone and I think that this is why so many lottery winners have a hard time... everyone will come out of the woodwork and want to be pleased.

Best of luck and best of health.


Robert Bentley
*Artist in desperate financial straights coming out of the woodwork to beg for money*

I keed I keed
9/25/11 7:51 PM
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Interesting - I see that ringworm had roughly the same idea that I did.

Another fellow genius I see!
9/25/11 7:51 PM
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 But 1.8 mil in Trojan Twisters.  This thread blows. Fake
9/25/11 7:52 PM
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9/25/11 7:54 PM
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Guess I'm in for a blue. Phone Post
9/25/11 7:56 PM
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Congrats dude!

And if you're giving them out, I'll take a blue name.
9/25/11 7:58 PM
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I have the money invested already......I don't want to say to much......i spent last night downtown dancing to my luck......

i't hasn't sunk in yet really.....wanted to share as i have been hear along time......the money will last...like i said it is already tied up.....BUT!!! new car n house is comming....i have a shit car now and i have been riding a new mks around and love it!! so i want one.....ya there will be a limmit on the blues but there will be alot of happy people here.....

keep up the bs calling......you guys make me smile even harder
9/25/11 8:01 PM
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Alright, I think this is actually legit.

Don't spend it all on stupid shit (looks like you already have that covered). You'd be amazed at how quick you could blow 1.8 million.