What if ... IRS has not cashed my $100k check yet, should

4/23/19 4:58 PM
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I be scared?  That it got mailed to the wrong address, or that some POS postal worker saw the letter had a check in it and took it, or otherwise destroyed?  I do NOT want to get his with penalties and interest on that large an amount...


4/23/19 4:59 PM
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Hopefully you get locked up and your cheeks busted on the reg!
4/23/19 4:59 PM
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PelosiesPanties - Hopefully you get locked up and your cheeks busted on the reg!


4/23/19 5:10 PM
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Okay I’ll bite if you actually made enough to have a 100k tax bill(somewhere north of 3 million is my rough estimate) you would have at least a CPA and several other Financial people around you. You would not as you stated “ punch in some numbers” into some tax software and send a paper check. You would be dumb to not have a tax guy help save you as much money as possible and then no one would send a check for 100k in the mail. It’s 2019 and it is way safer and easier to wire/ directly withdraw that amount of money.




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