What if ... Internet MMA guy vaginitis: revisited

12/3/08 2:41 PM
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 ^  You're not following the thread very well, Hojak is the one with said diseases
12/3/08 2:55 PM
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4 later
12/3/08 3:21 PM
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 Hojak vs Shiloh
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sick of hearing the song.
12/3/08 3:25 PM
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Knux - 
var so = new SWFObject("http://www.youtube.com/v/Dn0ebJkkkp0&hl=en&fs=1", "postVideo-24281820-Flash", "425", "355", "9.0.28", "##000"); so.addParam("allowScriptAccess", "samedomain"); so.addParam("allowNetworking", "internal"); so.addParam("wmode", "transparent"); so.write("postVideo-24281820");  Hojak vs Shiloh

They're both black?
12/3/08 3:28 PM
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do you regularly carry tape around with you to help you tuck your dick?
12/3/08 3:52 PM
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Mike Sanders - 
Recently, I'd divulged some personal information relative to a harsh time in my life. It wasn't but 4 days later that information hashed from that relay came back at me in the most insulting of manners.... faceless dipshits from nowhereland, insulting me about my health, my family, and my circumstance.

I didn't post any of that stuff, so it's something of a non sequitur for you to quote me and then complain about other people.

For the millionth time, you're the person who flies off the handle into a tantrum and wishes for other people to commit suicide at the first sign of criticism or ridicule, so stop crying about the unfair way in which you've been treated. Maybe if you didn't go around acting like such a jackoff all the time while simultaneously disclosing embarrassing facts about your personal life you wouldn't have those sorts of problems.

I'm caught between wanting to be better to the community,

What, by posting more of your FAN PICS? How did we ever survive without seeing you making a goof face next to various MMA fighters, bro? ;)

Your sole "contributions" to this forum are pretending to be an MMA fighter, typing more homosexual phrases-per-post than any other member in history and accusing Shiloh of hiding behind a keyboard and then turning down $1500 to fight him because "gas was too expensive" while you thought up more ways to try and get him to lose interest. "Better for the community" would be if you STFU and stopped pretending to be the clever-yet-tough 90s fantasy persona who thrives on disdain before silencing his critics with a combination of logic and physical intimidation that EVERYONE BUT YOU SEEMS TO KNOW YOU AREN'T.

very fact that so much of a reaction hinges on a couple of my paragraphs, and your display of interest in Hojak

Listen up, Dave: you're notable for your idiocy and delusions here, and people find your psychotic ranting, lies, and empty threats to "kill" other forum members funny. If you want to see proof, scroll back and see how many people have shown up here to say how "funny" this thread is.

By the way, the fact that "so much of a reaction hinges on a couple of [your] paragraphs" is a testament to how especially silly and contradictory said paragraphs manage to be, and nothing else. LOL@you just telling yourself that it's somehow an achievement to be considered a liar and weirdo by most people, as long as those people reacted in some way!

The man in this picture took time out of his day to post himself shirtless on the internet in an attempt to oppose another man in a non-sexual manner, yet you strangely have nothing to say about that.

Maybe because I don't care or spend my time staring at animated image of half-naked forum members I supposedly hate and want to fight but won't actually show up to confront? How about because Shiloh didn't try to pass that off as being legitimate half-naked posing competition in order to get himself a color-coded username and increased status at a website dedicated to discussion of half-naked posing? I'm sure people on those sorts of sites would make fun of him and that gif it he turned out to be a fraud, LOL.

I sometimes laugh at your bullshit Mike, and you seem like you'd be a good guy in person, but you in front of a keyboard is an angry, bitter wreck

You do realize that your constant attempts to spin tales of woe in which Mike Sanders plays a prominent role amount to nothing more than futile online fantasizing, right? You may as well join some sort of online RPG chatroom and post this stuff there instead, at least then it might win you the respect of girls who smell weird and are above average at drawing anime pictures.

What about my posts on this forum do you think implies angry bitterness (other than my tendency to find amusement in the ravings of delusional wannabe badasses)? I'm not the guy repeatedly "divulging personal information relative to a harsh time in my life" to people on the internet, bro.

This is just to much truth for Hojak. Read it again, then read it again.........please stop your whining and admit your scared of the asswhiping Shiloh will give you.
12/3/08 3:55 PM
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Hojak - Based on haircut, I'm wondering which one I am.

Has anyone else observed Shiloh's sudden absence? I'm sure he'll show up now that we're talking about a fight really happening.

Dicktucking, roided-up wuss. I guess he realizes his mouth is more built than his body for this shit.

 Shiloh can tuck for 16 more pages and still have tucked less than you on this thread...   Just saying!
12/3/08 3:58 PM
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HOjak wants a fight with padded floors, time limits, a ref, an athletic commission, escrow for MY money and people to stop it after 1:30.

you are a pussy. if you dont come to my house or give me your address i will straight up assault you at the next show and stomp you in to another seizure.

See you douche.
12/3/08 3:58 PM
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12/3/08 4:05 PM
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Shiloh - LOL

HOjak wants a fight with padded floors, time limits, a ref, an athletic commission, escrow for MY money and people to stop it after 1:30.

you are a pussy. if you dont come to my house or give me your address i will straight up assault you at the next show and stomp you in to another seizure.

See you douche.

Shiloh I might have missed this, but if you want a piece of him why not just fight him in a gym?
12/3/08 4:07 PM
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Well, let me start then you tool by scratching my hojaks and calling you the biggest assclown,fake toughguy, all talk,dicktucker the UG has ever seen.
12/3/08 4:10 PM
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wow you burned me, reposting pics i posted. i got PWNED.
12/3/08 4:11 PM
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KneeToFaceKo - 
el owl - Wow this is really looking like it's gonna happen now!!!!

I doubt it. Just because Hojak says he will doesnt guarantee anything. He is afraid of Shiloh and all he can do is name call behind his keyboard. Biggest douchenozzle on the UG.
12/3/08 4:12 PM
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 Nice I like
12/3/08 4:12 PM
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12/3/08 4:14 PM
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lol you are so pathetic.
12/3/08 4:16 PM
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the pics are ME clowning on ME when i was SIXTEEN YEARS OLD 20 years ago lol you dumbass twat LOL.

LOL how the fuck you think youre getting to me by reposting goofy pics of myself that I POSTED is beyond retarded.

get on the bus fool.
12/3/08 4:18 PM
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12/3/08 4:18 PM
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this what is going to happen now HOjak:

The $1500 is up. Im going to smash you at the next show you attend. It wont be a fair fight. Im not a sporting guy. ill smash you as soon as I see you, whether you are ready or not.

the end.
12/3/08 4:19 PM
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 Whoa, enough of the reposting. I'm getting dizzy.
12/3/08 4:21 PM
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Well since this thread is going in circles...

Torres or Tapia?

I'm going with Torres!!!
12/3/08 4:22 PM
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torres all day
12/3/08 4:23 PM
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Hey Hojack, whats crackin playa?
12/3/08 4:28 PM
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LOL@the submission master