What if ... Internet MMA guy vaginitis: revisited

11/29/08 7:18 PM
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11/29/08 7:18 PM
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WhatIsMMA - What I find funny is that its all information that he posted here on this site. In my opinion, if you posted it here, it's fair game. No reason to get butthurt because of shit you posted here first. Especially if its true.


also, like I said in the other thread...

He gave them the ammo, then gave them a reason to use it.
11/29/08 7:23 PM
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11/29/08 7:42 PM
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Hojak - I mean, seriously..... look at you guys.

It's Saturday night, and this is what we have:

- Shiloh creating a thread about a thread I created, after dumping 20 posts into the first thread.

- Some dipshit named LMAO archiving the thread Shiloh created a thread about on megaupload. Effort?

- Xyientist is sucking me off in another thread. He even wrote in links and html'ed that shit, then re-edited because it doesn't display right the first time. Effort.

- 15 other guys who remain a mystery behind an alias screen name jumping in, a huge jump from the 5 recurring ex-girlfriends I'd grown to know and love.

Whatever I did to piss you off and have you knowing me this well is something I synonymously apologize for, and laugh at. All grandstanding aside, if that's what we're calling it today... the same guy that screams about the help I need while breaking his OCD rant into 50 posts in 24 hours directed at one dude is the same guy I just cannot take seriously, no matter how hard I try. Sadly, there are a few of you. And one of these Saturdays, you'll do something other than hover around a computer slinging e-shots.

We all have our moments.

11/29/08 7:49 PM
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 When Hojak saids girlfriend, he really means his therapist.
11/30/08 12:30 AM
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 Is Hojak the greatest living troll or is he actually serious?
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Hojak - All I'm sayin is.....

.... and you look at the keys while you type.

It really is that effortless for me.

For me, one paragraph = one minute.

For you, one page = one day.

Girlfriend's ready to go now, losers. Late.


11/30/08 2:15 AM
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mrzipplokk -  Yes, and I will be revisiting the haze tonight.

Belly Up Saloon - Solana Beach.

I used to catch Common Sense and various other bands there when I lived in Carlsbad, great venue.
11/30/08 2:20 AM
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Sam Malone - 
Mike Sanders -


Judging by that gif, I'd say maybe he's not a troll. Maybe he is serious.

Know a guy like that we call him the TOOL, totally overconfident, obnoxious, looser. He even introduces himself that way.
11/30/08 2:20 AM
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 How come 2 full pages of posts got deleted? I could've sworn I awarded this douche the Congressional Medal of Fail
11/30/08 4:02 AM
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How to Make a Hojack Thread:

Start with a FRAT base

Fill with factual errors and self-indulgent drivel

Season with insults

Cover the whole thing with copious amounts of fail

And Whalah! You have a Hojak Thread!!!
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EmoKid478 - 
smoogy -  How come 2 full pages of posts got deleted? I could've sworn I awarded this douche the Congressional Medal of Fail

Hojak had that thread deleted. Shiloh was good enough to start this for the ones that may have missed out on the entertainment the first one offered.

 Oh, good call. I can't remember what I named that GIF of dude cuffing out on the way to the ring, but here is something else douchey instead. My point is, Hojak is a fag

11/30/08 9:39 AM
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11/30/08 10:33 AM
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good morning!
11/30/08 10:44 AM
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Good morning to you, sir! lol
11/30/08 10:48 AM
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11/30/08 11:37 AM
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11/30/08 11:41 AM
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11/30/08 5:56 PM
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lol at the gif.
11/30/08 5:59 PM
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this guy getting pwned
12/1/08 7:33 AM
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Mike Sanders - 


Dear God hahahaha
12/1/08 6:38 PM
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 Funny... it's been awful... quiet.

12/2/08 12:47 PM
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Hi, im new here.
12/2/08 12:57 PM
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12/2/08 1:07 PM
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Shiloh - Hi, im new here.

Well then, welcome to the forum.