What if ... Internet MMA guy vaginitis: revisited

12/4/08 8:39 PM
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I called it! Hojack you are a dick tucker of epic proportions. I am more man than you and I have a vagina.

What you have between your legs is beyond a vagina. It's a black hole of cowardice!!!!


WOW!!!! Big ups to MMASally....hojak....hang your head in shame.
12/4/08 8:46 PM
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Handy accepted.
12/4/08 8:48 PM
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I spit my drink !
12/4/08 8:53 PM
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 ^To give him a handy ?
12/4/08 8:56 PM
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LOLOL for the handy
12/4/08 8:58 PM
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ArthurFonzerill - Again I ask

ArthurFonzerill -
Hojak -
Monsters Ball - You said you wanted to beat him up. He has made himself available on your terms. He is just not going to pay you for it.

Are you seriously not going to do it now?

Half the fun in this for me is fucking him up and getting paid to do it. THATS what I want to take a story home about.

If he's taking the money off the table, I'm honestly more inclined to just street fight him, have the option to press charges, and get paid that way.

I'm a professional. Maybe not a professional fighter, but this is kid shit. If I'm going to give time to making some junkie swallow his words, I'd like to be compensated for it. That's not unreasonable.

The sack monkeys here can think of something, right? Urge your boy to keep his word, you biased pieces of shit.

Trying to follow all this, I got the impression hojac was a real fighter, if not, why is he giving the fighter's pose with a belt around his waist in his myspace pic?

because its similar to puttin the finger in the belt loop in prison, it just shows that he is somebody's bitch...apparently Shiloh's bitch
12/4/08 9:04 PM
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 This is fucking pathetic.  Lets this thread die like Hojak's credibility!
12/4/08 9:06 PM
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mrzipplokk - 
Hong Kong Phooey -  Zipp , is this another LWC episode ?

 No HKP. I've met NoShojak in person. And I have to say he was personable, seemed of above average intelligence, and and an all around nice guy.

So I cannot explain his online persona.
Thanks Mod Squad
12/4/08 9:14 PM
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Actually the FBI kicked in my door when I was talking to TOWE once LOLOL
Edited: 12/4/08 9:38 PM
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CRE -  ;)What is up with the creepy postings toward Shiloh? Just curious.........
12/4/08 10:07 PM
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like i said in another thread: damn shiloh, just give the lil' fucker his ball back.
12/4/08 10:24 PM
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That's a tuck no matter how you slice it.
12/4/08 10:27 PM
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 Cre is good for MMA.tv
12/4/08 10:56 PM
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milk thistle - 
CRE - I waz born Decemba 7th in bayfront i moved 2 jordan park when i waz 2 an stayed der til i waz 14.i 1st got arrested when i waz in da 7th grade at john hopkins 4 beatin up sum white kid.my first time drinkin waz when i waz 11 an my first time smokin waz when i waz 13.but i been robbin since i waz a jit from stealin out da local food store 2 runnin up in yo shit wit either a big azz handgun or a assult riffle.i chill wit every race but mostly blak an asian.im a very nice an funny person but if u push so far dats when a nigga or bitch kan git it.i have 3 brothas an 2nieces an 1 nephew but he kinda like a son.far da streets my partna in crime is asian mike we go bak a long time we jus kant stop when it comes 2 jus gettin money so fuk u fake azz niggas an m.o.b 2 rachet azz hoes.niggas dont undastand when it comes 2 dis beef shit how many mothafukas i kan go git when comes 2 it like my olda brotha an jordan park,mike an APG,my dawg danny knight an haines road,an my cusin from renagade.its all bout BLOODLYFE FUK CRABS AN FOLK.i got guns 4 days mothafuka,dro 4 da lo,hoes,money,an even respect in da burg north an south. AN FREE OUR MOTHAFUKIN ASIANS 2 DANNY BOI AN KEVIN YUN

Lol @ Cre mocking a spitting image of himself. You do realize you look and sound that ignorant when you put the thug act on. Time to grow up and get out the warehouse jobs Christopher. Didn't ETR teach you anything. Stick to the fight game angle it's your bread and butter.
Thistled !
12/4/08 11:11 PM
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 My threads
12/4/08 11:42 PM
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All this Hojack bashing is exhausting.
12/4/08 11:51 PM
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Kostakio -  Stop instigating! He obviously doesn't want to fight. Leave him alone already.

lol. the problem is that hojak keeps yammering on and keeping this thing alive. now he claims he was only joking....so I guess he is a troll as well.

on second thought, let these guys bash each others heads in for no reason.
12/5/08 12:15 AM
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MMASally - All this Hojack bashing is exhausting.

 Don't get too tired.....Handy !
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Hojak - This is great. For every guy callin "tuck", someone out there's seein someone in a pink hat flexin his bitch tits at another dude. I showed a buddy of mine I used to train with this one, laughin at him about how after all these years this still seems to happen wherever I go. He tells me "don't fight internet guy," and I ask him why. He says "what are you, a fuckin kid?"

He's got a point. Shiloh's a try-hard keyboard badass, ten times worse than anyone can ever claim I've tried to be. His displays here are ridiculous. Yet somehow, this shit flies. I come, I spend ten minutes here and there... to return each time having found a page full of posts. This is AWESOME. Everywhere I go, this somehow happens. Someone is always bound to get more mad than someone else. I'm just done playin into it... it's ridiculous kid shit at this point.

Most of you are ethically demented in this respect. It's no surprise this thread's goin so far. Most of you, as I've said numerous times, are not that smart. But like I said, your opinions mean everything. I hope this hits 1000. MY mojo is STRONG right now. hahaha

The only thing more pathetic than your shameful dick tucking are your ridiculously lame excuses.

Have you no sense of shame? Sir, at long last, have you no sense of shame?
12/5/08 1:15 AM
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Hojak - He's got a point. Shiloh's a try-hard keyboard badass, ten times worse than anyone can ever claim I've tried to be.

Did Shiloh ever pretend to be an MMA fighter here, get busted being a fraud and then claim first that it was all a joke, and second that it had never happened at all? LOL.

How's your imaginary car doing, Ghost? Should we refer to it as the GHOSTMOBILE?
12/5/08 1:25 AM
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 WOW !
12/5/08 1:30 AM
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The hat is orange. Just sayin'.
12/5/08 2:13 AM
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Holy thread Batman!!!!

I can't even pretend to try and figure out what has transpired here.

The last thing I remember, Shiloh was up to $1500 to fight Hojack, but David turned it down.

Anyone care to fill me in?
12/5/08 3:03 AM
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ArthurFonzerill - ^ Im guessing the year was 1991 and "Word Up" was playing in the background and/or gym.....how close am I?

1988 and it was billy squier lol
12/5/08 3:18 AM
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scarfacedave - Holy thread Batman!!!!

I can't even pretend to try and figure out what has transpired here.

The last thing I remember, Shiloh was up to $1500 to fight Hojack, but David turned it down.

Anyone care to fill me in?

basically, neither of these guys wants to fight but Shiloh won the war of words.