What if ... Internet MMA guy vaginitis: revisited

12/5/08 3:20 AM
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This thread has turned into the internet tough guy version of the Kubler-Ross model. I think Hojak just hit the fifth and final stage, the "I'm a bigger man" stage. Someone needs to save this and use it as a guide for the next generation of trolls.
12/5/08 4:07 AM
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nhb_fieldofdreams - 
You guys should just squash this and move on with your lives. Neither of you is coming away from this thread looking very impressive.

At the risk of getting caught up in this epic Times New Roman Legion battle, this post makes a lot of sense IMO. Let it go.
12/5/08 6:50 AM
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Put this into perspective. I don't like Shiloh, and he doesn't like me. There is NOTHING more in this world that I would like for Shiloh to mud stomp Hojack right now. I will gladly add $1000 to the pot for Noshowjack to fight.
12/5/08 6:54 AM
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You'd pay $1,000 for someone you've never MET to get beat up? I need to get YOUR job, bro. You must be making crazy money!
12/5/08 7:15 AM
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Sam Malone -  

Hojak dicktucks and completely refuses to fight, then continues to talk trash? LMAO

Oh but wait, you will fight him at Affliction as you are standing next to security so you can have him charged and sued.  LMAO

You are beyond pathetic. Keep talking all you want. Fact is, you are a complete pussy and fear someone from an internet forum who you talked trash to.

12/5/08 10:33 AM
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Mike Sanders - LOL. A brief history of this challenge:

Hojak and Shiloh have a forum dispute over something. Hojak accuses Shiloh of "hiding behind a keyboard" and claims that he would kick his ass, etc. Shiloh offers to fight Hojak at the next MMA event they both attend. Hojak agrees, and writes another essay about how he'd kick Shiloh's ass.

Later, Shiloh challenges Hojak to fight during his time off work (LOL) and Hojak says gas is too expensive for him to drive 30 minutes or so to make the fight happen. Shiloh offers Hojak an escalating $500-1500 incentive to pay for gas and expenses. Hojak now says that he might meet Shiloh but will run him over in his car instead. Shiloh offers to pay Hojak $1000 to try and run him over. Hojak refuses, and says that he can't do that either because he doesn't have a car. Time passes.

Two weeks later, Hojak finally suggests that if he were ever to fight Shiloh, it would have to be "inside a gym." (Presumably not showing up at this gym to fight Hojak is what he meant by "hiding behind a keyboard.") Shiloh refuses and says that he wouldn't be interested in a gym fight "sparring session," and Hojak seizes on his reply and tries to use it to support his claim that Shiloh "never wanted to fight" and had been waiting for Hojak to suggest a gym fight all along so he could back out. "Ghost" spams the forum with this idea over and over again while people laugh at him in disbelief. Time passes.

Shiloh finally agrees to fight Hojak at the gym, but withdraws the offer of money; in some areas this is known as "a compromise." Hojak returns to the thread and plays dumb, acting as if the money is still on the table in the transparent hope that someone will correct him and allow him to use his prepared-in-advance strategy of instantly declining the gym fight he demanded. Hojak begins spamming the forum in an attempt to suppress the near-universal ridicule he receives in response, bizarrely insisting that he "doesn't care what people think" at the same time.

People continue to make fun of Hojak. Time passes.
12/5/08 10:37 AM
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Noshojak had a thread like this before but had the mods remove it cause his feelings got hurt. Fucking pussy. I can only imagine how sad of a video it would be when Shiloh beats him like the little dicktucker he is and he starts his crying on video.
12/5/08 10:48 AM
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I couldn't care less about this situation, but LOL at that summary, nicely written.
12/5/08 12:06 PM
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12/5/08 1:34 PM
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 You having fun over there?
12/5/08 1:35 PM
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 Is there anyway to condense Hojak into one of those "Epic Fail" gifs?
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so do you suck dick as well or just get your pussy fucked?
12/5/08 1:36 PM
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12/5/08 1:38 PM
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 Your going to get banned for spamming I'm afraid :=(
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lol at all of us being the ones that are being pathetic and having a 'quota' and nothing better to do all day

you tuck dick like Jenna Haze sucks it.
12/5/08 1:40 PM
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truly amazing
12/5/08 1:43 PM
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So from one Dicktuck to another…. Let’s see… spam the board, argue with a Mod until they kick your sorry a$$ to the curb.

Pathetic but I do like the weak weeding themselves out.

**Hands Hojak a box of tissue for the "WAAAAAA" that's about to come**
12/5/08 1:43 PM
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 Zipp be careful he might sue you for preferential treatment.
12/5/08 1:43 PM
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Hojak, I deadened my beef with you, but damn man..you are backing out, straight up.
12/5/08 1:45 PM
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Is this in anyway related to the severe IBS...just wondering?
12/5/08 1:46 PM
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 We all know "you said" you would "fight" this guy.

12/5/08 1:46 PM
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mrzipplokk -  Your going to get banned for spamming I'm afraid :=(

I think Bubba Ho-Tuck knows this.. You are a living, breathing joke.
12/5/08 1:49 PM
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Pulling a Junie IMO
12/5/08 1:50 PM
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Hojak - 
ALL DAY 707 - Hojak, I deadened my beef with you, but damn man..you are backing out, straight up.

See, this I don't understand.

I've told everyone here I'd fight the guy.

I don't know how much more clear cut it gets.

Oh my bad, too many pages to read.