What if ... Internet MMA guy vaginitis: revisited

12/5/08 1:51 PM
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Thank you, i know it does.
12/5/08 1:54 PM
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 I tell you what HOjak, I will kill it all right now. I will stop with all the backhanding.

I sincerely feel bad for you. You are delusional and sad. Get your shit together.

12/5/08 1:56 PM
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Hojak=dickless piece of shit talking dog fart.
12/5/08 1:57 PM
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Monsters Ball - 
Shiloh - Pulling a Junie IMO

12/5/08 1:57 PM
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Hojak is acting like a badass again.....what will the next tuck be? Stay tuned.
12/5/08 1:58 PM
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"Think of where all this could go. Should Shiloh and I meet, one of us is going to hurt the other. Should the other decide it's not over once it's over, it only gets worse from there."

You should have said this from the beginning. Did you come to this realization after accepting the challenge or did you assume Shiloh would bail out before you did?
12/5/08 1:59 PM
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12/5/08 2:00 PM
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12/5/08 2:03 PM
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bismanfightclub - 
KneeToFaceKo - hojak=assclown

why insult ass clowns?

12/5/08 2:12 PM
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bismanfightclub - 
KneeToFaceKo - hojak=assclown

why insult ass clowns?

hahahaha, this made me LOL
12/5/08 2:16 PM
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yeah you guys, HOjak was just masterfully trolling everybody, thats all.
12/5/08 2:19 PM
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Yeah...he is sooooooooooo badass
12/5/08 2:20 PM
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My dog is licking his hojaks
12/5/08 2:22 PM
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Fuck, I just tried to post a pic and I got blocked. I totally forgot about my blue name. lol Talk about self-ownage.
12/5/08 2:27 PM
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Hojak is the biggest p*ssy I've never met!!
12/5/08 2:40 PM
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 Hojak/Shiloh...at least come drinks some beers with us in the parking lot at the next Affliction.
12/5/08 2:48 PM
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ttt for truly terrible tuck
12/5/08 2:51 PM
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 Shiloh said he's dropping it. Kudos.
12/5/08 2:55 PM
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 Do you mind if I call you NoShojak ? It's just so damn fun. lol

As for the terms of service, look at it this way. Everyone on this forum breaks the rules at one time or another, with the exception of Kirik. But when you get slammed by the rogue mod, you can't say "everyone else is doing it".  You can't point to other bad behaviour to justify yours (any of us in general).

Lots of fucking grey area is how I see it.
12/5/08 2:55 PM
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bismanfightclub - do they lock threads up in here?

 I can if everyone wants me to :-)
12/5/08 2:56 PM
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 Watch, now I'm going to get in trouble. Ha
12/5/08 3:02 PM
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Which also describes you.
12/5/08 3:07 PM
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 I didn't know that one Susan.

What was coming to mind was Phil Hartman on SNL dressed like a girl with lipstick smeared on his face. And he said "my name is Susan".
12/5/08 4:23 PM
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 I wonder why we didn't make the "hottest threads" list ? 7k views for christ sakes.
Edited: 12/5/08 4:28 PM
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Hojak - "Keep on thinking I have nothing better to do than obsess here."

Dude, you're the one that keeps on coming back here. I tried to help you "get out of" a situation you really wanted no part of but yet, instead of disappearing and licking your wounds, you're coming back and inflicting more on yourself. I'm starting to think you're a masochist. Just do me a favor and give me your blue name (give me your user name and password). What I'll do is I'll email Chris or Kirik to switch the name from Hojak (lol... sorry) to Kostakio. Then, you can make a new account and start all over. Just don't be obvious that it's you when you return (i.e. acting like a douche toward Shiloh, etc.) and everyone will leave you alone. Deal? :)