What if ... Internet MMA guy vaginitis: revisited

12/5/08 6:11 PM
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Kostakio - "I reserve judgement in your case, Kostakio. I don't know you, and can't speak personally on anything other than your actions. That said, provided you find a woman who can stand your smell and you may mate one day, I don't have to hope that she grows sick of the smell, takes the kid and has you paying her alimony... 78 percent proability in this country is that it will. Numbers don't lie."

Hojak, all jokes aside... what the fuck does this even mean???

I'm almost in tears
12/5/08 6:24 PM
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Shiloh = OG/UG reading gold!
12/5/08 6:40 PM
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12/5/08 6:42 PM
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 What are you going to do with the rest of your vacation ?
12/5/08 6:43 PM
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tap0utartist - I really think everyone is letting Dave "Adult Diapers" Noshojackass

12/5/08 6:47 PM
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LMFAO@the troll mastermind Hojak trying to portray his repeated humiliation as intentional!

Still trying to claim that your "fight career" was a joke, Dave? How about insisting that you never claimed to be an MMA fighter, or accusing other people of posting here too often between bouts of spamming? LOL.
12/5/08 6:48 PM
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 You forget I'm a mod here. Which, while it is a stupid ass internet forum, I take somewhat seriously.

12/5/08 6:49 PM
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12/5/08 6:50 PM
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12/5/08 6:51 PM
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 Hojak has been predictable from the start.  Everyone here could have pretty much scripted how this would go down.
12/5/08 6:53 PM
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LifeType1 - go take your meds kiddo

12/5/08 7:02 PM
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Hojak - 
mrzipplokk -  What are you going to do with the rest of your vacation ?

You're lookin at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The only thing you have been correct on so far.
12/5/08 7:03 PM
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12/5/08 7:06 PM
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12/5/08 7:14 PM
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 Fuckin' wow. I'm someone who can honestly use the "I'm a casual poster, I only get to check this in free time" card and even I know about the Noshojak Story. Now this is turning into "I was just trolling for my vacation"? Either one sounds pretty sad...
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 WTF....This is still going on?  And its ON PAGE 49??!!?!

Is there anything in the last 39 pages worth reading?
12/5/08 7:18 PM
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 The Ho-Down i like that.
12/5/08 7:28 PM
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Lets make it 50 pages
12/5/08 7:29 PM
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WHy hasn't anyone posted Hojak's MMA fight yet?
12/5/08 7:42 PM
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 ^^^Um, no offense but either this is Hojak's mud account, or someone who must obviously train with him right? Is Shiloh still down to fight Hojak or what?

*grabs popcorn*

12/5/08 7:51 PM
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If Hojack does actually have a girlfriend and not just a real doll that he's named, she must be a lesbian.

Only a lesbian wouldn't mind that gaping hole between his legs...
12/5/08 8:31 PM
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 ^are you really a 'lady' ?
12/5/08 8:41 PM
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My dog is sniffing his hojaks.
12/5/08 8:58 PM
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Crooklyn - 
tap0utartist - 
Crooklyn - Ya know, I was actually not trying to be hateful.  I made an observation.  I understand the hostility toward you now.  Don't you get tired of being your own worst enemy?  I don't say that to be mean.  I just feel bad for you.

Stop changing the focus of this thread to personal attacks on Hojak just so you can save your b/f "Pink Shirt" from getting beat down?


12/5/08 9:00 PM
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mrzipplokk -  ^are you really a 'lady' ?

I hope so for my handy's sake.