What if ... Internet MMA guy vaginitis: revisited

12/10/08 7:43 PM
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anyway now its all just about poking him with a stick on the internet forever LOL
12/10/08 7:45 PM
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"Wait wait wait. You mean posting very personal information on the internet could one day to come back to haunt me? HOLY FUCK! I can't believe there could be repercussions for my actions. I thought I could tell everyone very personal things, be a total fucking dick to everyone, and not have it come back on me at all. I don't know which way is up or down now... "

LOL! Good post

"Monsters Ball - This will all end well. Hojak and Shiloh will meet at MrZippLokk's tailgate party at Affliction. They will give each other a stiff hand shake, Hojak will buy Shiloh a beer, Shiloh will teach Hojak some skateboard tricks and all will end well."

You forgot the "barely perceptible nod" they will give each other.
12/10/08 7:59 PM
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Shiloh - anyway now its all just about poking him with a stick on the internet forever LOL
LOL, well I have noticed the amount of shit he used to talk seems to have come to a halt on most of the other threads. Maybe he got the hint 60 pages later?
12/10/08 8:17 PM
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12/10/08 8:44 PM
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That ring entrance is epic.
12/10/08 11:35 PM
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12/11/08 2:19 AM
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"Oh yeah, I abreviated it some. There will be the squaring of the shoulders, the chest being puffed out and the gut sucked in. Shiloh will probably go first and you will hear;

"sup Ho"

"waddup Loh""

12/11/08 3:13 AM
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It would be most embarrassing if the hate evaporated upon meeting in person...which is a reason to avoid meeting IMO.
12/11/08 7:21 AM
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theraydiator - What some people don't understand is that...

Even when you win a troll-off or flame-war or whatever this is...... nobody really wins.

12/11/08 7:39 AM
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MMASally - 
Hojak - I'll tell you what, Shiloh..... you've been dancing around this whole ordeal since it began. You said you wanted to fight, you've said you'd pay me to show up mid-day in some instances when you knew I work full-time, and you've disputed the gym point since it came up. Seems to me you want a street-fight environment with an opportunity at a cheap shot of some kind, which is awesome, and completely professional.

Now you're going back and forth about the gym thing, saying if it happens, you'll no longer pay me what is now $1500 to empty your teeth into your mouth. What you're doing here isn't even a dicktuck... it's a fuckin mind-game, the type a high school girl plays when she has a crush on a boy. You want attention, not a fight.

High school mind games like this are what entertains this crowd, unfortunately. If you're the type that's going to take the next month up to Affliction dancing around this for the sake of play, let's just do this: I'll see you at Afflcition, find a way to get you to take the first swing, then sue you for far more than $1500. That way you get your street fight, I get my $1500 you promised me from SICK BANK ACCOUNT, and you learn a lesson about provoking street fights over the internet like some dumbfuck high schooler.

That cool, bitch?

I called it! Hojack you are a dick tucker of epic proportions. I am more man than you and I have a vagina.

What you have between your legs is beyond a vagina. It's a black hole of cowardice!!!!

From: MMASally
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Hojack will back out, guaranteed. He will claim it's because Shiloh isn't offering the $1500 anymore and then he'll spam the thread with claims of Shiloh dick tucking by taking the money off the table.

Hojack has turned dick tucking into an art form.
You have ignored this user.

Im now madly in love with mmasally....
12/11/08 9:03 AM
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Shiloh will see Noshojak, Hojak will shat himself, start to make excuses about how he would kick Shilohs ass IF he didnt crap in his pants and we will just turn our backs and probably laugh ourselves silly.
12/11/08 12:48 PM
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Can't we all just get along?
12/11/08 1:09 PM
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12/11/08 1:10 PM
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 I will never be able to get along with Kostakio, the greeks have done to much damage in NY for me to ever forgive his people.
12/11/08 1:16 PM
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 Here is the only greek damage I am interested in-

greek salad



12/11/08 1:20 PM
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 Fontana's at the corner of Francis Lewis and Northern in Queens (i guess thats whitestone) is incredible.

Best Spinich Pie and Gyro i have ever had.
12/11/08 2:04 PM
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 Hummus can be considered Mediterranean(sp?) so it could be found at a greek restaraunt.
12/11/08 2:13 PM
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 Of course. Maybe under a different name ?
12/11/08 2:34 PM
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 You have not eaten good Hummus till you eat Hummus in the Middle East.  I lived off Shwarma (sp?) and Falafel and Hummus for a few weeks when i was over there.
12/11/08 2:43 PM
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The Greek is strong in this thread. Stop ruining the thread! Next thing you know, Hojak will chime in with his favorite Greek dish! lol
12/11/08 2:50 PM
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good morning, glad to see this thread is still active
12/11/08 3:37 PM
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Tons -  You have not eaten good Hummus till you eat Hummus in the Middle East.  I lived off Shwarma (sp?) and Falafel and Hummus for a few weeks when i was over there.

 Yep. My mom is from Lebanon and has the best hummus recipe. I have eaten hummus in Lebanon as well, but my mom's is the best. (but everyone's mom's recipes are the best)

2 pieces of garlic
1 can of chick/garbonzo beans
2 tablespoons of lemon juice
1/4 cup tahine/tahini (sesame seed paste/sauce found at all middle eastern markets. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tahini)
dash of salt

chop garlic first with the blender/food processor. add the entire can of chick peas with the lemon juice and blend again. dash of salt. then add tahine and blend.

place in a bowl/shallow platter. make a moat area with a spoon in a circular fashion and then add some virgin olive oil to fill that moat up. garnish with parsley, cumin, and red pepper in a plus fashion but you can omit this shit. my mom puts red peppers around the moat too. you can also add a small amount of chopped up tomatoes but i forgot to include that in my mspaint drawing. i think it tastes better with the garnishes though. serve with pita bread.

12/11/08 3:57 PM
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 Do not confuse 'origins' with being served in my friend.
12/11/08 3:59 PM
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Italians claim pasta, should the chinese be pissed?