What if ... Internet MMA guy vaginitis: revisited

12/16/08 3:06 PM
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Real talk, Hojak rides around town with baby wipes....just in case he boo boo's himself
12/16/08 4:26 PM
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Is CRE that spikey haired retard with the camera phone?
12/16/08 6:37 PM
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 CREtard imo ;-)
12/16/08 6:39 PM
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I can't believe this thread continues to exist...
12/16/08 6:42 PM
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 THIS THREAD WILL Never DIE !!! ..............ONLY multiply ..............
12/16/08 6:44 PM
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nightmare walkin', psychopath talkin'...king of the jungle just a gangsta stalkin'...
12/16/08 6:49 PM
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Ice - T
12/16/08 6:59 PM
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i think in 10 years here this is my biggest thread ever LOL
12/16/08 7:03 PM
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Travis Fulton the boxer and the BJJ in Wisconsin thread are the dueling black holes. This thread is a mere planet, albeit a very special one with pure hate at the core and an e-warrior atmosphere.
12/16/08 7:20 PM
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lol, yes, your vision is deep...
12/16/08 7:46 PM
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" When did Ice-T get here? "

See zipp's post before mine...
12/16/08 7:50 PM
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Hojak - You call it tucking dick. I call it herding assholes.

LOL@you "herding" a group of strangers into unanimous contempt for your statements, actions, personality and existence! Nice job. ;)

(Just kidding, those dogs are smart!)
12/16/08 8:15 PM
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Hojack you should have just told us....

12/17/08 4:35 AM
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 only way to end this thread is to post pics of their meeting at affliction.
12/17/08 9:24 AM
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My dog is licking his hojaks again.
12/17/08 9:38 AM
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Hojak - 1700 posts later, you have to appreciate

* the 5-10 same dudes holding hands tighter than ever

* the graduation of insult to person

* the 1-2 new guys jumping in for the hell of it every other page

* the mutual laughter everyone, myself included, has enjoyed

* the irony of it all starting roid-injecting midget's rage and it's potential to create wonderful things

End of the day, everyone's having a good time, and I take it in stride. Words via internets, no matter how dank the douchesack, are hard to do much other than laugh at. I can't say I don't enable the players, but it's fun stuff. I enjoy talking fights, telling a fractional majority of people how dumb they are, and receiving the return-fire I earn. Whatever, bro. I don't even know 90% of you guys, and vice versa. Some just take this way too serious.

Perfect example of why an asswhipping is right around the corner for you you dick tucking, shit talking doosher Hojakoff. It is only a matter of time........
12/17/08 10:38 AM
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There's always a delusional UG whipping boy. Surprised this is still going.

Is anyone fighting yet?
12/17/08 11:23 AM
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 achieve this thread
12/17/08 11:41 AM
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Hojak - You call it tucking dick. I call it herding assholes.

We can agree to disagree.

Ok so where do you go from here, now that you've achieved your master plan?
12/17/08 11:44 AM
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Herring In A Fur Coat - 
Hojak - You call it tucking dick. I call it herding assholes.

 Hojak's new nickname is officially "The Dick Tucking Asshole-Herder"


You could pronounce it like the host of "Sprockets" from SNL:


Want to touch my monkey?
12/17/08 11:53 AM
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How can you spell a word wrong that doesn't exist? Could you be any dumber?
12/17/08 11:59 AM
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" This thread started because I told a bunch of metro pussies to stop being metro pussies."

LOL no, this thread started because you whined like a faggot for a mod to delete your original post after you got ruined AGAIN.

After months of you challenging all us "keyboard warriors" you had your chance (like 30 of them) to step up.

and you didnt.
12/17/08 1:04 PM
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not gonna happen.
12/17/08 1:06 PM
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"A lot of guys here probably would"

I got alternate status for unfallenstar.
12/17/08 1:11 PM
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TTT 4 David "Poopie Pants" Hojak