What if ... Internet MMA guy vaginitis: revisited

1/8/09 7:31 PM
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 Fuzzy Badfeet ^
1/8/09 7:35 PM
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I have 2 screen names originating from my house. Kneetofaceko(me) and Stay Down Fanboy (oldest son).
1/8/09 7:36 PM
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We both agree that Hosackless is a wanker.
1/8/09 7:39 PM
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HVC in the hizzzouse
1/8/09 7:42 PM
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KneeToFaceKo - 
bismanfightclub - 
harlemsavoy -  It's like heaven. He's making new threads that we can take for 100 pages. Should we start collecting all the names of people that bag on him so he can see how 5 people is a lowball number?

We could have a Hojak Vigilance Comittee, protecting the UG from douchejak's tucking, nonsensical rhetoric and general douchbaggery.

Me like it! Shamwooooooooooooooooow!
1/8/09 7:45 PM
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 I think this guy is missing a few screws.... I never thought I would say this, but you are off the Team Smack-A-HO  JAK!

....or this
1/8/09 7:46 PM
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either way.........we are IN!
1/9/09 9:29 AM
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.........checking in
1/9/09 10:48 AM
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Eric Collins .... i was afraid he'd explosively shart while in my guard.......

+1 for explosive sharts!
1/9/09 12:45 PM
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this will kill some time
1/9/09 4:35 PM
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This thread will NEVER die!
1/9/09 4:57 PM
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Herring In A Fur Coat - 
Mr Pulla - Rap-A-Lot Mafia...Z-Ro style. Actually let's go with some Shyne. Paraphrased.

I believe in the way of the old, When you slit a fools throat for tryin to talk down to 'Lo (shiloh)

Hoes shouldnt exist, fuck a snitch, cut off his dick, and put it in his lips

Did you really think I was gon' let you slide?? Fuckin with the UG, you must be out yo mind,
Did you really think your boys would make things right?Coward I won't stop, until you lose your life

I was mindin' my own, word got back, this HO talkin about 'Lo (shiloh)
I was like ohhhhh....God must be ready for this faggot to go

 VTFU for mentioning Shyne.

December '09 he comes home. You know they aren't ready. Respect.
1/9/09 8:47 PM
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1/9/09 9:02 PM
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1/10/09 12:34 PM
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No worries tapoutartist, we will hold down the fort. Affliction is coming, Nosack is going to get bitchslapped and the world will be a better place.......Maybe not the world but at least the UG.
1/10/09 12:47 PM
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Fuzz, ol poopy pants probably wont show. If he does it will be EPIC for sure.
1/10/09 2:10 PM
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1/10/09 4:12 PM
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Give the man some credit. Hojack has managed to tuck the greatest tuck ever tucked.
1/10/09 5:19 PM
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1/10/09 6:07 PM
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edit to take out 111 ..lol
Where is everyone's favorite pedophile / shitter of pants this evening?
1/10/09 8:27 PM
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^^^^LOL ... he tried... but his boyfriend wasn't there to turn the knife over to the the SHARP end.
Someone needs to go NINJA in the tranny bar and slip a diuretic into this baby dumpers/ deadbeat dad's drink. then the IBS can become RIP!!!!!
1/10/09 8:29 PM
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LateStart - fuck this thread is huuuuuugeee

lamest thread on here.
1/10/09 8:33 PM
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^^^go change Hojak's Diaper
1/11/09 4:31 AM
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Hojak - Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah. What up, suck0ffartist. Good to see you doin something constructive and social with your weekend.

While your team of cock jockeys trolls this piece of shit topic daily, I'm coming back to it for the first time in a week to a great laugh. The main proprietors here have done nothing but stroke each other off, assume imaginatively, cast empty threats and lie. I'm amazed to see you guys still going off like ex-girlfriends more than a month later, but even more amazed that more people haven't called you all whiney, crying women by now.

Affliction's gonna be awesome, can't wait. I'm excited that they've brought Fedor to Anaheim once, and are doing it again. I'll keep my eye out for the pack of angry midgets while I'm there.

I'm disappointed in you...I thought you were turning over a new leaf in 2009??? :(