What if ... Internet MMA guy vaginitis: revisited

1/15/09 12:57 PM
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Hojak - 
Mike Sanders - You seriously want that "innocent child" to know her father thinks of her as "the daughter of a whore"? LOL.

The answer is yes, winner. LOL.

I tried to let this lie for a while to see if Hojak would come to his senses and go back and edit it out, but I guess even a moment of clarity regarding the welfare of his child must be too much to ask from "Ghost" at this advanced stage of online dementia.

Whether her mother is the terrible person you describe or not, your comments make it painfully clear that your bitterness about your former relationship with her overrides any concern you might have (if you ever have any) about YOUR OWN CHILD'S FEELINGS. Instead, you'd rather play the part of the bitter dickface sitting around on forums bitching about his ex to a bunch of people who, by and large, feel no sympathy for you whatsoever.

By the way, tough guy, if you want her to know that her mom is a "whore" so badly, why don't you just tell her? Nobody here gives a shit about your unresolved relationship issues and psychotic bitterness dressed up in a shirt with a wraparound wizard print, so either do what you CLAIM to want to or SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Seriously, "my daughter's mom is a whore and I want my kid to know I think that," might be the dumbest fucking thing ever posted here.
1/15/09 12:57 PM
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Hojak -
It's lobster time, dude. Come payday, I have two things in mind here:

1) XBox Live points
2) Eight pound lobster

I'm willing to wager I could cow down 4 lbs on my own.

ttt for Hojak's gamertag
1/15/09 12:58 PM
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PS: Can Fuzzy and Zipplokk fight and redeem this thread? LOL.
1/15/09 1:05 PM
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 Marcelo is a founding member of BTT who now owns a BTT school here in So Cal.

You should really learn a little about the Team you are embarrassing.
1/15/09 1:10 PM
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When I read your posts, should all the "R"s sound like "H"s?
1/15/09 1:14 PM
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 You have my blessing to continue and make a fool of yourself fluffy.

Just relax a little. Keep your blood pressure down.

1/15/09 1:17 PM
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Hojak - 
mrzipplokk -  Marcelo is a founding member of BTT who now owns a BTT school here in So Cal.

You should really learn a little about the Team you are embarrassing.

This hurts your feelings.

You won't admit it because you have the benefit of a monitor hiding the shame on your face.

We both know better.

LOL! Shame is a feeling that you would probably benefit from familiarizing yourself with, Hojak.
1/15/09 1:18 PM
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"  the ONLY thing that i want to do in life right now, is train in brazil. nothing else. i go train, and i come home and get on the computer. i dont drink, dont party, dont meet new and interesting people. nada. "

What kind of idiot would go all the way to Brazil just to train.  And not enjoy the beach, women, partying,  culture, etc. ? There is perfectly good instruction from native Brazilians available here in the U.S. ?

LOL at you sitting in a little hot stinky room typing while it is summertime in Brazil. It must be that magnetic personality of yours :-)
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 Just lol 

Kirik got tired of us and moved us to What If.
1/15/09 1:24 PM
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 just cus
1/15/09 1:38 PM
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1/15/09 4:12 PM
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Hojak - Coming from you, the qunintessential forum fuck, that means a ton.

...come to think of it, I guess I AM sort of like the "insightful and amusing online MMA antagonalyst" persona that you've spent almost ten years failing to become. Now it feels almost like I accidentally stole your seat at the movie theater and you waited until the last reel to complain. :(

Oh well! On a site full of what you call "forum fucks," I'm NUMBER ONE. Unless "qunintessential" means something different than "quintessential," of course. ;)

"David Hojak is found GUILTY of being a delusional internet retard!"
1/15/09 4:22 PM
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 I have a call in to Marcelo, who is going to speak to Maurillo in Brazil.

When he gets back to me you will know.

Now, carry on........
1/15/09 5:17 PM
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1/15/09 8:22 PM
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what if??? boo!
1/15/09 8:45 PM
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WTF? Sorry but this is for Hojakoff beatings. I just cant leave you guys alone for a couple hours? WHAT IF? Hodouche talking shit to anyone? Wat?
1/15/09 8:46 PM
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I am confused
1/15/09 10:07 PM
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FuzzyTheFluffer - 
macman1000 - 
mrzipplokk -  I am going to talk to Kirik about a 60 day trial for Bisman.

Fuzzyisafake is out.

 ouch. god damn did Fuzzy's feathers get ruffled for good? i haven't seen him around and i know Zip is pissed because he thinks he is a liar.
      OH, no sir, dont worry about me... no feathers ruffled here my internet has been in and out. not so reliable down here. Zip can be pissed if he wants to.... but "lil billy" already told me he will be here in march. I am the only american training here... it is inevitable that we run into each other. 
         The odd thing is that he doesnt believe that i am here because i wont give him my last name! do i have some kind of GPS tracker in my sack? when you type my full name into google earth will it give you an 8 digit grid and satelite coverage of my location. Zipploc is a joke, and I will make that clear as soon as he arrives. 
lol. thank fuckin god fuzz. i can't have all my cold hearted companions get banned because their is still lots of EVIL to spread around.

1/15/09 10:26 PM
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 lol. nah it sounds like you and Zip need some rolling time and the UG wants a video when it happens.
1/15/09 10:42 PM
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 Once again Fluffy over estimates his importance.

I made a call to Marcelo because I train with him. As for banning you, moving threads because of you, you you you. lol

Get a grip.

1/15/09 10:42 PM
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 this is the hotuck thread. look how hotuck manipulated into a fuzzy thing to steer heat away from himself. sad.
1/16/09 3:59 PM
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lol...I hope he shows up at Affliction. ALL FOR NOW.
1/17/09 1:15 AM
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 what the hell is this thread doing in the what if section? im kind of disappointed and couldn't find this fuckin thread until i searched for it.

1/17/09 1:20 PM
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 Kirik moved us I assume.
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What If