What if ... Internet MMA guy vaginitis: revisited

1/18/09 2:08 PM
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1/19/09 5:30 PM
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 he's currentlt getting made fun of in this thread now...My woman trying to start sh*t
1/19/09 10:32 PM
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FuzzyTheFluffer -  someone needs to RE  ReRelease this thread
Internet MMa Guy vaginitis Digitally remastered.
Take all of hojaks most hilarious, sad, ridiculous and/or self defeating quotes from here. the quotes where he was beaten to a pulp and put it out on the UG once again to the glee of all

1/23/09 6:38 PM
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WHat are the odds that Turdjack will shit himself when he sees Shiloh??
1/23/09 10:20 PM
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so is this fight still going down? Or will cooler heads prevail and everyone will have a beer together and possibly a joint?

probably not.
1/24/09 3:36 AM
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bismanfightclub - 
INDK - so is this fight still going down? Or will cooler heads prevail and everyone will have a beer together and possibly a joint?

probably not.

 Do you mean is this tuck still going on?

Why..... Yes... Yes indeed.
1/24/09 3:22 PM
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Tomorrow should be one of the better days in a while on MMA.tv. Fedor is fighting, lots of potential e-confrontations, can't wait.
1/24/09 8:24 PM
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baww god almighty, this event isn't even over yet and already i am anticipating the entire run down on what took place ON THIS NIGHT.
1/25/09 12:23 PM
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1/29/09 6:06 PM
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Noshojak is a shitbag........
1/29/09 6:07 PM
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I missed you guys........no homo
1/29/09 9:45 PM
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Hojak - lol.


LOL hows that other fight you set up going with the sherdog forum??? oh yeah, you dropped that one too.
1/29/09 9:46 PM
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"What's up, man.

Remember that MRI I was tellin you about? The ended up finding something... a protruding and misaligned vertebrae right beaneath the base of my neck. This is a huge finding, as they believe this may be the cause of my passing out. They also think this is why I'm experiencing numbness in my arms when I bend my neck in certain directions.

For now, I have to bow out of this one. I may be looking at surgery on my spine if collective chiropractic efforts over the course of the next month are unsuccessful. I kinda knew this was coming down the pike, hence the reason I didn't really wanna fight that Shiloh guy either.

Take care,


LOLOLOLOL fuckign pussy
1/29/09 9:47 PM
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 "I didn't really wanna fight that Shiloh guy either." - David HOjak
1/29/09 11:55 PM
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Captain Dicktuck Hojak strikes again...........what a fucking tool
1/30/09 1:05 PM
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tap0utartist - 
bismanfightclub - so shiloh, was he even sighted at Affliction?
1/30/09 2:46 PM
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gentlemen,m it may be time for a new homojack romo ..
any pics? to use u guys may have
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tap0utartist - I just saw Marcelo yesterday but I didn't ask him about it and I don't know what Mr. Zipplock looks like, ttt for the truth!

 Edited for Herring

And Khaled, Marcelo said he asked Murilo, and Murilo had no idea who Brandon is. 
1/30/09 3:13 PM
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 Oh fuck, I'm embarrassed !

1/31/09 3:02 AM
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 "your opinion means little to nothing"


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