What if ... Internet MMA guy vaginitis: revisited

12/2/08 8:37 PM
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 This main event is in Huntington Beach . Im there and I got a hundy on Shiloh !
12/2/08 8:38 PM
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12/2/08 8:56 PM
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I got 500.00 on Shiloh.....anyone?
12/2/08 9:44 PM
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so many internet bullies in one thread
12/2/08 9:54 PM
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Hojak - Shiloh's taking his god damn shirt off and flexing for me in an animated gif, which has me questioning many things relative to his sexuality to begin with. I can't say I've ever witnessed douchebaggery of this degree anywhere I've gone, not even on youtube. Then, to up the "bored bags of shit puttin in work" factor, Sanders goes on to make us proud of him for being capable of memorizing every other post I've made in this thread, while arriving 12 pages late with nothing that hasn't already been said. This is hilarious shit. You women whine like I'm the mean ex who fucked each and every one of you, and left you all to find it out years later through one another. These are grown men I'm talking to, right????

I can go to bed tonight knowing I've never animated a gif of myself flexing my roided-up future bitch tits at another man in an effort to intimidate him. That alone takes Shiloh's faggotism to a whole new level, and really degrades the effort of what'll be a 15 page approach by tomorrow. I can't be the only one who sees the outright pathetic nature of your life.

While we're keeping it personal, let's talk about some things you'll get to tell YOUR kids, winner!!!!! All as a result of ONE thread, even.

1) "Your blood disease came from a man named Jimbo. I didn't know he was injecting me with his old rig."

2) "Steroids are fine, cheating is awesome, hard work is for pussies."

3) "Taking your shirt off to bare your chest to men on the internet is fine, son. Let me show you something..."

You'll be just as high on yourself as you were here, too. Sad shit. If they don't hate you for dooming them to herpes via the sad sack of postpartum vagina you actually end up catching before 45, they might find something non-homosexual in your display. Fat fuckin chance, because I didn't. Then again, they're your hypothetical kids we're talkin' about. Stupidity is absolutely genetic.

 Are you going for the MOST TUCKS in a single thread record or something?  Last time I was called out, I made it REAL SIMPLE!  Told him to meet me at Alliance in San Diego.  Guess what, I showed and he didnt.  He doesnt post here anymore, get the hint?
12/2/08 10:01 PM
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This has to be an act by Hojak.

12/2/08 10:20 PM
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Hojak - Sanders goes on to make us proud of him for being capable of memorizing every other post I've made in this thread,

LOL! My bad, I forgot the Hojak rule: remembering any of Hojak's stupid and embarrassing statements or actions is not allowed.

while arriving 12 pages late with nothing that hasn't already been said.

No shit, dude, that's the idea of a "quote"! LOL@you complaining that someone comparing your alternating "internet badass" and "excuse-making internet pussy" posts isn't being original enough.

This is hilarious shit.

Dave, you're correct in describing this shit as hilarious. Unfortunately you once again fail to realize that your presence here is the equivalent to a balding, overweight man dressed in a clown suit and the latest gay MMA poser t-shirt with overcomplicated chest design masturbating and screaming fight challenges at a crowd of amused onlookers, then curling into a fetal position while forcing a hysterical and disturbing laugh out at them in response as if to somehow reverse roles or switch identities and make it so that everyone else is being humiliated.

(Oh, and the masturbating clown poser gets so mad at people for remembering the details of his aberrant behavior that he blacks out shortly after verbally chastising them for doing so.)
12/2/08 10:36 PM
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12/2/08 10:43 PM
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I find myself fascinated with this thread.
12/2/08 10:52 PM
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12/2/08 11:26 PM
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This thread was a good read. Let's keep this thing going...
Edited: 12/2/08 11:58 PM
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 "I bet that if I had a dollar for every time this sad son of a bitch has been laughed out of bed for presenting deflated gristle dick to a wanting woman.... what is he, 38?.... I'd have like $12. "

  So you weren't on the forum in the old days ? Shiloh used to post some legendary late night ass. He would come home from the clubs and use his cam to show us what he had had brought back to the crib. His shit was legendary. Can't forget those days my friend.

I can't remember exactly how many years ago it was. But it was good stuff.
12/2/08 11:58 PM
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Hojak - 
Are you going for the MOST TUCKS in a single thread record or something?

Fuck you, TOWE. This bitch is the one who won't meet me in a gym.

Where do you get off, dude? Who the fuck are you?

 In all the 5 burro's, I'm known... Fugghetaboutit
12/3/08 12:00 AM
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 What's up Towe ? I was in Solana Beach saturday at Belly Up. Great venue.
12/3/08 12:02 AM
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12/3/08 12:22 AM
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TTT with this train wreck of a thread.
12/3/08 12:24 AM
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Start a PayPal account. I don't have a dog in this fight, but I'll add $50 to Shiloh's $1,500 if it goes down on the street.
12/3/08 12:35 AM
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Hojak - The dude's wearing a pink hat

Dude, it was 1988, everyone was wearing pink hat, who fucking cares, what color his hat is!?!?!?!

Are you really not going to fight him? He lives 35 miles way right? Take a fucking taxi, and use some of the $1500 to pay for it, if you think it is such an easy win for you. Or just ask one of your friends.... oh, nevermind.
12/3/08 12:40 AM
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I consistently wear pink clothing all the time.
12/3/08 12:42 AM
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Hojak, you are clinging to a gif someone made 20 or so years ago instead of facing up to what happened on this hindenburg of a thread. You were offered 1500 hundred bucks, given an address and said no. That's it man. You tucked...so just move on and quit trying to pretend that pointing out someone wearing a pink hat some 20 years ago is anywhere near as embarrassing as what happened to you on this thread.

If it's an act, it's tired. If it's your reality, it's sad. Either way you're not coming away from this looking the part of the winner.
12/3/08 12:48 AM
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Hojak - just little black baby hojak bandana

So you were a poser back then too? At least you are consistent.
12/3/08 12:50 AM
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I for one don't know why he keeps coming back. I have nothing against him, I poke fun at times, all in good fun..But if i had guys insulting me the way they do him, i think i would just walk away...
12/3/08 12:55 AM
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Hojak, seriously, you have been getting owned on the internet since 2003.... 5 fucking years, and you havent learned anything.

Yet, you insult people for posting on the very same site you are on every single day, somtimes for 16 hours.
12/3/08 12:57 AM
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you must be laughing at this that you can get people this riled up over what you type here.
12/3/08 12:57 AM
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Ok, so let me ask you something Hojak.... IF Shiloh were to agree to fight you at a gym for 1500 with only a camera man and let's just say, one friend apiece, to keep things even, would you say yes. OR...would you then require certain rules to apply? Would you really only accept a fight once it's been turned into a "sparring session?"