What if ... OGTLC... v2.0!!!!

4/24/19 1:27 PM
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Allright guys, first I must apologize.  The OG True Life Crew (OGTLC) was a bust first time around.  The fault lies entirely with me, not a single one of you other guys has any responsibility.  I put myself, including my job, Lake Homeslice, and Aquarium Homeslice #1, Aquarium Homeslice #2 and Aquarium Homeslice #3, ahead of the team, leaving me insuffient time for the team.  That will NEVER happen again.

That said, no, LET'S DO THIS!!!  This is the OFFICIAL roll-call -- who is in OGTLC v2.0!!!  Together we are going to make the OG great again!!!   

4/24/19 1:31 PM
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Fuck yes. Bring it you fucking faggots.
4/24/19 1:35 PM
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Maybe you shouldnt flood the OG with your retarded thoughts in the form of threads any longer.  You will have so much more time for whatever you want to do.  

4/24/19 1:38 PM
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Beat it, SaltyNuts. Find a new hobby.

4/24/19 2:15 PM
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notimportant -

I laughed out loud.