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1/12/12 2:35 PM
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 There is nothing new under the sun, and a child persecuted by an expensive data plan today is like a child building the pyramids with straw yesterday.  What is deposited into a bagel shop urinal today will be a state-of-the art energy drink tomorrow.  Perhaps superCalo is the reincaration of duckhuntgansta, but we can never be sure until duckhuntgansta is killed perhaps in a terrible accident at a warehouse. 
1/12/12 2:55 PM
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Proposal for National Anthem

1/12/12 4:07 PM
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I am sorry for being so long-winded, but I have begun guerilla recruitment efforts. 

When a poster's esteem has been crushed by his forum brethren, nothing can make him feel better than a big, satisfying movement , such as our movement does.   

sad truth about join dates
(40) [760] by capsulecorp - 1 2

1/12/12 4:13 PM
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Sorry, gang, I got lost. Just a tip for the rest of you, never ever EVER follow directions provided by a whale.

I kept the canolis in a cooler, so they'll still be good.

Not sure about this bean dip. Anyone wanna test it?

1/12/12 4:35 PM
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im here to join
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 I want to welcome new members.

Brother Zedleplin (Another UKTT victim, but i refuse to use his UG slave name)
-who has brought a cooler with cannolis, and bean dip

Brother duckhuntgangsta
-curator of the What If museum of anthropolgy. He has deep knowledge of past civilizations on this forum of mystery

Brother TeamGDP
-has brought smores for this auspicious thanksgiving gathering where pilgrims of the OG and the UG have come together in the What If to congregate

Brother Authority Figure
-heeded warning of what the other 22% are plotting

Brother 10marlons
-not sure if he is part of the movement or someone who took the wrong bus from the UG and was kicked off into the What If because he didnt pay full fare

Brother Prefers playing in the mud
- PPITM has brought lawn chairs, a harmonica, some guitars and an endless supply of Charmin Ultra Soft toilet paper.

and Brother Capsulecorp
-who i saw now and was not around when the Team Tent picture was taken.

god bless.


1/12/12 4:58 PM
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1ChromosomeTooMany - Proposal for National Anthem

 All those in favour say Aye

 5 votes and this become official.
1/12/12 4:58 PM
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1/12/12 5:00 PM
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I've just received word that Hershell Walker has voted nay six times and aye ten times.
1/12/12 5:12 PM
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 That would leave us with a +4

combined with my +1

the Island of Misfit Toys has now become official.

1/12/12 5:13 PM
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 unfilter great job on the excavation. Make sure you drop down some Charmane Toilet paper for Tim Sylvia. He is prone to dampen his delicate unmentionables from time to time.
1/12/12 5:18 PM
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I vote nay on that anthem, not due to the song choice, but for my unsettling fear of claymation.

As my first sacrifice to the cause, I will allow my WI Brothers to give me a new honorary screen name.

I'm open to your suggestions, and will pick my favorite.

Anyone care to grab a guitar and jam while supercalo tells us all a riveting tale? Phone Post
1/12/12 5:18 PM
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  I got here as fast as I could.

Rumor has it that my invite was on the way, but due to my , some would say extreme, security measures it never made it to my person.

However, better late than never I suppose.

Now if you don't mind,  I'm going to properly arm this location using Micro Machines and an elaborate system of pulleys and ropes to simulate a McAllister family dance off. Nobody will threaten me during a dance off. It's fool proof.

BTW, I found this in Buzz's secret chest.

Does this mean Buzz is part of the movement?
1/12/12 5:24 PM
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 Kevin welcome to our campsite old friend.

1/12/12 5:25 PM
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 with the Nay we are back at +4 and the song has now been demoted to unofficial theme song.
1/12/12 5:33 PM
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lookoutawhale -  Kevin welcome to our campsite old friend.


 LOL thank you, kind Aquatic Mammal.

Me, being the land-striding type of mammal, must walk to the corner store and buy myself a toothbrush.

If it isn't approved by the American Dental Association I will probably just end up stealing it, though.

Then I may find myself in juvenile detention.

That is a what if for later though. For now, I must clean these teeth, my three scoop ice cream snack was detrimental to their overall health.

1/12/12 5:52 PM
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 Kevin in the What If...  5 out of 5 dentists recommend that you steal that toothbrush.
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what are we untilling this time?
1/12/12 6:05 PM
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thank u good sir. 2 versions.

a- tent picture

b- with jones
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UGCTT_RickStorm -  -Until...


what are we untilling this time?

 Brother Rick do you have the power to edit titles?

I would like this thread to read like a teenage girl diary type of design

(¯`•-•´¯`•-•´¯`•-» Occupy What If forum «-•´¯`•-•´¯`•-•´¯)

can this be done? if so please get back to me. Im at the fountain across from the art gallery and adjacent to the 711, perpendicular to the McDonalds yet parallel to the handicapped parking stall. I hope my directions are clear and concise.

1/12/12 6:19 PM
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UGCTT_RickStorm -  -Until...


what are we untilling this time?

 until the what if is the what is?  The Great Inversion?  Eschaton or Ragnarok?

i'm gonna have to go reread the manifesto.

i like the theme song, innocent yet retaining the ragged edge of chaos.  the claymation is a visual metaphor for our minds as they struggle and jerk, jardine-like, to overcome the entropic prison that is our meat-bodies.

do not fret fellow homonculii.  though life is brief, the What If goes on for another 20 pages.

1/12/12 8:01 PM
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 I never visited What If before, it's actually really good, it is a great idea to put all the best threads in one place. Very convenient.

What we need is another forum for all the shitty "Who is GOAT?" threads and arguments about Fedor. I suggest Sherdog.
1/12/12 8:35 PM
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 *sees whale misspelt my name, purposely burn his smore...*

*feel bad and come back 5 minutes later with 2 smores for whale*

also i vote yes for that national anthem

1/12/12 10:57 PM
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1/12/12 11:19 PM
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10Marlons -  Which one am I in the picture?

since you didnt have a display pic i dont have a picture to go by. what pic do you want to be?

Team GDP -  *sees whale misspelt my name, purposely burn his smore...*

*feel bad and come back 5 minutes later with 2 smores for whale*

also i vote yes for that national anthem

 Corrections have been made on the previous page. My apologies to the chef!

*gets constipation from the smores*