What if ... Occupy What If forum

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We are the 88% that refuse to post on the UG until..

well until something..

but until we figure that out, we will camp out here in the What If section. The red headed steup child of mma.tv forums. The neglected Taiwanese baby that can only speak Cantonese and not Mandarin and eats his noodles with a fork not chopsticks. That one lamplight the city refuses to fix. The unfed hippopautamus at the zoo. The plumbing pipe that remains unfitted at the store even after decades of shoppers passed it by.

Join us. Tell us stories of your hardship.
1/9/12 11:02 PM
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 My name is Lookout A. Whale and i was abused by a cactus.
1/9/12 11:04 PM
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 LOL you silly silly Whale... oops A. Whale =)
1/9/12 11:08 PM
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 *offers Rick a cup of hot chocolate and a tent*
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should i call for takeout or plug the sega dreamcast into my bio-diesel generator?
1/10/12 3:39 PM
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 why dont you plug in the dreamcast. If you can, try and get Aladdin for it.

Ill grab some takeout. Are you in the mood for some chinese, pizza, subway, quiznos?

I was thinking of having a POW WOW and really bang out some ideas here on this occupy what if movement.
1/10/12 4:02 PM
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 chinese sounds good.  i also brought along a tub of peanut butter and a 2-liter of root beer or as its known in the What If..., a 2-litre. 

do we need a quorum to get started or should i begin taking notes?

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 If we can get more people it would be better, but at the moment its just us 2 in this pow wow

theres a possibility rick storm might join us.

One of the problems as you've addressed before is that the What If forum is the place where threads die.

but... and this is a big butt..

what if... in the What If forum threads were born, blossomed, matured and then were sent to the UG when ready. An incubator for thought.

What your thoughts on this?
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1/10/12 5:46 PM
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as has been mentioned, what if... is a quasi-mythical region, much like the legendary Elephant Graveyard, except here it is ideas that lay down and die. 

the cycle is a circle: a death is the birth of emptiness, birth is the death of ignorance.

As elephants leave behind precious ivories, could not these lumbering old ideas leave something of value?  could they, in death, give birth phoenix-like to new life? in dying do they not enrich the soil with their intellectual nutrients?  if the premise is accepted, would this not be, theoretically, the most intellectually fecund region of the underground where a fresh new universe of thought could ripen on the tender vine?

the thought is not the thinker, nor is the thinker the thought.

i see the what if... as being capable of representing all  the many threads in the tapestry that compose our multiverse.   it is, i feel, only a matter of time that one of these posited possible potentialities proves true.

i believe in what if... the only forum brave enough to treat everything not as fact, but as an inquest into the truth. 

all is as glimpsed, before the fire. 

remember, even a broken clock is exactly right twice a day.  unless its digital, then its just broken.
1/10/12 9:21 PM
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 hmm that was a deep answer unfilter. mariana trench deep. im going to have to think about that. let it simmer in my head. let it swirl around my cerebral cortex like fine wine.

welcome to the meeting supercalo. glad you could make it.

1/10/12 10:47 PM
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I think the movement needs Mongolian Yurts and Portapottys
If there was a Fighter's Union, I'm sure they would hook us up
1/11/12 9:08 AM
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 The What if is the new OG.   Here we answer to no one!
1/11/12 9:47 AM
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 Sweet Mother of
1/11/12 9:55 AM
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 That's it then.  I will be posting all of my responses to threads in the What If forum from now, unmoderated unfiltered and unlookoutawhaled. 

Let's begin.

Glassrecktomied him?  Damn near killed him.
1/11/12 10:15 AM
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 It's cold over hear gentleman
1/11/12 10:22 AM
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 i like camping, i am IN
1/11/12 2:53 PM
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Richard Tuck - I think the movement needs Mongolian Yurts and Portapottys
If there was a Fighter's Union, I'm sure they would hook us up

 Richard i made a few phone calls from the art gallery pay phone and.. well consider it done.

1/11/12 3:28 PM
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 I just want to give a warm welcome to new Occupy What If members:

2jupes, MountainMedic, Richard Tuck, Firecrap and Super Moderator: Rick Storm