What if ... Reports Khabib in Hospital

3/4/17 1:10 AM
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This is something that will haunt Khabib for the rest of his life and I can't even imagine how many sleepless nights hes going to have knowing he could have possibly beaten everyone including Conor, but sadly the only person he is going to be remembered for beating is himself. 


Connor was right


3/4/17 10:22 AM
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Tho lately, I'm just as happy watching a Bellator show.

3/4/17 11:30 AM
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Well done sir. 

3/4/17 11:34 AM
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"He's fought once in eight years," McGregor said "He ain't fight too frequent for my liking. For me to commit to something like that, I need to see solid proof that people are gonna show up and he's a consistent pull-out merchant... I need to see active. I need to see activity. I need to see consistency. I need to see me. If you want me to come and change your life, if you want me to come pick you, you better have some damn reasons for me to do that."

Ferguson has been fighting pretty consistently and Connor is the one who is putting g himself on the shelf. Duck duck goose motnerfucker. 

Putting yourself on the shelf for hald a year or so is hardly putting yourself on the shelf at all in this sport. Conor's been quite active, and what he's addressing is the reliability of a fighter to show up on fight night, and as far as I can tell, ducks and geese don't apply when comparing Conor to Khabib. 

Khabib is a health insurance companies worst nightmare. But Mac could be fighting and is choosing not to. Kind of ridiculous imo. 

But is it really ridiculous when he's only stepping away for 8 months? If he hadn't outright said he wasn't going to fight until May most of us wouldn't have notices because it's not so far off the standard. 

Alvarez hasn't fought since he fought McGregor, and has nothing scheduled.

Diaz hasn't fought since he fought McGregor, and has nothing scheduled.

Nobody is talking about how ridiculous they are because they didn't come out and say they were not going to fight until May. 

Top of the food chain boxers rarely fight more than once or twice a year.

If McGregor fights again in May or June, then again in the Fall, that will be three fights in a year, while taking time off. In other words, Conor's scheduled time off is less than many fighters normal gap between fights. José!

Nate and Alvarez also aren't division champs. All these fights being for interim titles because a champ can't or doesn't want to fight is insanity. 

3/4/17 6:12 PM
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khabib heading to bellator

3/4/17 6:13 PM
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Just watched that movie last night. Haha that is hilarious.
4/7/18 7:12 PM
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And now he's healthy,go get that belt Khabib!

4/7/18 7:22 PM
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