What if ... Strikeforce paid fighter to lose-Eugene S Robinson

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"From the horse's mouth...

A guy who participated in "a work" in Strikeforce explained to me: not just more (money) in the envelope, but future consideration. The guy who told me about the work said for losing a fight, he got 4 other fights of his choosing."

- Eugene S Robinson on Knuckle Up/Show Stomper podcast

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Scott Smith Cung Le 2 my guess

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Coker would never fix fights....


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Im not going to listen to that shit but did his talk about the guy in strikeforce start with saying Cerrone threw the fight on purpose?

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Scott Smith Cung Le 2 my guess

Smith lost almost all his fights after that. 

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Robinson calls Conor McRapist, just assumes he is guilty of rape.

Robinson is a bright guy, not so sure why he wants to just assume Conor is guilty but he does. Maybe he knows more than than the info that is public.

He was talking about 6-3 Strikeforce fighter Luke Stewart earlier in the podcast.

He even said... "I don't want you to be able to draw the A-B scale right back to him".

He also thinks Cowboy laid down and it was planned.

I don't agree with that. Dana would never tell someone to lay down and risk the guy flipping on him, that happens twice and the rep of the UFC would be destoryed.

Fight did not need to be fixed. Cowboy just got KOed twice before this. He is on the decline. He got paid to show up and fight, not show up and lose. The losing was baked into the cake based on where he and Conor are in their careers.

Robinson is a bright guy but seems way to sure about his dive theory.

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This journalist is BJJ member of AKA. 

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