What if ... Travis Browne - New Hero?

4/6/19 9:34 PM
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Bret Hart was jumped by a fan at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony tonight. Travis raced in and GNP the hell out of the guy. Bret is like 60 years old and a stroke and cancer survivor.

4/6/19 9:39 PM
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4/6/19 9:46 PM
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Umm no

4/6/19 9:47 PM
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Travis was quick as fuck in there. Also, you are better off trying to tackle a politician than Bret Hart at the HOF in NYC around a hundred wrestlers with the carte blanche to beat the shit out of you. Davey Jr, Tyson Kidd, Heath Slater, The New Day, Titus O'Neal, Braun Stroman, Dash Wilder were all there to help the fella gently out the building.
4/6/19 10:36 PM
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