What if ... US now leading world with 10 k new cases per day

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The US is currently leading the world with the most new infections every day and they were one of the later countries to have the virus introduced to them.


It's going to be a blood bath down there, especially once everyone is working again and the hosptials are rammed past capacity.


God speed.

3/23/20 9:54 PM
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This is not my favorite Homeslice account, that I can tell you.

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Thats because more people are being tested than were previously.

3/24/20 8:02 AM
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BJ Penn Forever -

This is not my favorite Homeslice account, that I can tell you.

I originally thought it was knockout thoughts new alt, due to the timing ( he literally appeared at the same time that kot said his farewells and in the very same thread and pushing the same " i can beat up conor" angle ). A lot of coincidence. 

But you may be correct. In either case, i wonder why he hasnt been banned. The angle isnt funny, or entertaining.  Even capt. Kirk calls his threads gay. 

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