What if ... WTF is with you low testo having women?

4/20/19 1:36 AM
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I've always had a high sex drive, high testosterone, no problems boning women, etc. etc.  What is with you low test mofos around here needing "TRT" or whatever it is called?  You don't like women without it?  Do you prefer men without it?  Have you ever just thought about not using it, and going all-in on guys?  Maybe try and date them to get free food/drink before you do them?  Just curious, never had these problems lol.

4/20/19 1:38 AM
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Pussy is gross. Thats why I need trt

4/20/19 6:57 AM
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If I needed it I would use it but it is interesting. What’s going on in the world? Throughout history 30 and 40 year olds never got TRT and did just fine. Were these low T 1950s era 35yr old dudes just seen as weak and lazy or were there really not problems back then? 

4/20/19 7:19 AM
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What’s with low IQ retards posting on the OG?




deacon, if I needed it I would use it too.  But i think it’s just something they weren’t really aware of before.  And now it’s becoming part of something they can treat with drugs aka pharma cha Ching.

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Very nice question. I think this anwer have a Google.