What if ... Western White people are COWARDS

8/23/20 9:04 AM
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As a whole.

Why is all of this BLM/SJW Antifa shit happening? Because white people don't stand up for themselves.

What do the majority of BLM and ANTIFA "protesters" look like? They're white. 

What do white people do when their own companies are openly racist towards white people? Nothing. Continue to work there. 

What do white people do when the NBA and NFL plaster anti white shit all over their courts and players jerseys? Continue to watch. 

This is actually all white people's fault. No other race would accept this kind of shit. 

8/23/20 9:08 AM
Posts: 11124

Mod, move this shit to the OG, hurry up and do it WHITE BOY

8/23/20 9:24 AM
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Hey bro. Turn in your white card.