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1/23/11 11:30 AM
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What's the difference between the 2 and can you wear the same boots for both sports?

Is there anything in particular worth looking out for or would the cheapest one i can find be good enough?

1/23/11 11:30 PM
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boxing boots have harder soles
1/26/11 7:54 AM
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You can easily use wrestling boots for boxing but not vice versa.
1/26/11 9:24 PM
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Why is that, anything to do with the harder soles nowaydo mentioned?
1/27/11 4:32 PM
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^Yeah. I've seen some low cut everlast(I think) shoes that look similar to wrestling shoes. But for the most part, the old school boxing shoes, at least the kind I've worn before, are not designed for the rigors of wrestling. The soles are very stiff and don't flex like they should re: driving/forward movement, nor is the texture right for the grip needed in wrestling. It's either going to be lacking or far too much that your feet stick, potentially causing injuries. Ankle support is also non-existant re: lateral movement/rolling of the foot in comparison to wrestling shoes. Lastly, the construction of boxing shoes re: the rigors of wrestling is shit as well. With the old boots/shoes they'd get torn up in no time whatsoever, with the soles most likely being the first things to go.
1/28/11 7:20 PM
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Gotcha, boxing boots aren't built to survive the abuse they would get in wrestling. How about the other way around though, would wrestling boots be practical for boxing?
1/28/11 7:33 PM
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Yes. Even today you see boxers wearing wrestling shoes in the ring. Pretty sure equipment dealers like ringside and titleboxing sell them, too.
2/2/11 12:33 PM
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2/5/11 8:51 PM
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I bought a pair of bright blue wrestling shoes when I was 16 for karate practice (the instructors wanted us to wear them instead of training barefoot).

I used them several times a week almost every week until i turned 20 and started wrestling, when I wore them 2 or 3 times a week for about 2 years. I also wore them while I was in the circus (during which time I was forced to spray paint them black).

About a year and a half back, I started boxing; I wore them every time I trained (4 or 5x a week) until I had a smoker in front of a crowd after of all things a local "pro" wrestling show. I slipped in the sweat and blood and fell during the match, as the tread on my shoes was completely worn smooth (one of the guys had been hit by a chair, splitting open his face, and he bleed all over the felt the used for the floor of the ring).

I picked up a pair of boxing shoes after that, but have barely worn them (they suck in comparison for everything, imo).

Wrestling shoes are awesome, in short. I got 8 or 9 years of regular use out of a 50 dollar pair of shoes.

Fuck boxing shoes.