UnderGround Forums Bmf belt has to be a joke

9/10/19 5:17 PM
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Seriously? It sounds so cringe. Diaz vs masvidal is already a badass fight, way to turn it into a gimmick Dana.

9/10/19 5:18 PM
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It's gonna look cool though. Way better than the power ranger shit now 

9/10/19 5:19 PM
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It's hilarious and add to the entertainment..who gives a shit. 

9/10/19 5:28 PM
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That BMF belt might be the real people's championship belt and probably a far more entertaining fight than Marty and Chael Jr.

9/10/19 5:38 PM
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Basically a superfight belt which is awesome 

9/10/19 5:52 PM
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It's better than a stupid interim champion belt.

9/10/19 6:13 PM
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Certainly is a spectacle. 

9/10/19 6:17 PM
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hey op. make like a tree, buddy. this is great, and I hope it encourages the younger generation of fighters to act like wilfully pig-ignorant thugs.

9/10/19 6:20 PM
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9/10/19 6:22 PM
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has more value than an interim belt at least.

fuck it.

9/10/19 6:27 PM
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Make it the 24/7 belt and let them defend it whenever and wherever.

9/10/19 6:35 PM
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I could see this being a great addition to the sport, if they did it right. But making it a one and done belt is pretty fucking dumb. 

9/10/19 6:41 PM
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It's fun... I'm in. 

9/10/19 6:44 PM
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They can't get the real title fight done so they're doing this and people are applauding them for it.



9/10/19 8:19 PM
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we are in the bargain bin era of the UFC. expect more cringe.

9/10/19 8:27 PM
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PelosiesPanties -
Burt Reynoldz - It's better than a stupid interim champion belt.

For sure! 

Best point made

9/10/19 8:46 PM
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Great screen name OP

9/10/19 9:01 PM
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It's so stupid and unneccesary that it comes out the other side and is actually great.

9/10/19 9:04 PM
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It's like the old 70s/80s Championship Rasslin TV Champion or Brass Knuckles Champion.

9/10/19 9:09 PM
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Who cares? Its a good fight. Why try to find something wrong with a good thing?


Also, I thought only teenage girls called things "cringe" lol

9/10/19 9:18 PM
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Should have made it the 165 belt

9/10/19 9:39 PM
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BigTedBear -

That BMF belt might be the real people's championship belt and probably a far more entertaining fight than Marty and Chael Jr.

So the "people's championship" is a fight between 2 guys with a total of 24 losses? No thanks. Definitely a fun fight, but nothing more then that. The only reason Dana is ok with the bmf belt nonsense is because he has said that PPVs have to be headlined by title fights.

9/10/19 9:45 PM
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I hope Ferguson tweets the winner #DefendOrVacate 


9/10/19 11:29 PM
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OP is correct, it is cheesy but for some reason or another it doesn't matter. This fight is gonna be massive & a lot of fun.

9/10/19 11:35 PM
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knot eye -

I hope Ferguson tweets the winner #DefendOrVacate 


You can bet that someone will be gunning for it. I won't be surprised if it's defended off the record and changes hands in the locker room.