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The best combat sports callout of all time

"The dirty, squeaky good-for-nothin' rat poison bastard, yah junkies junkies bastard," explained Simey O'Donnell.

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From Muhammad Ali to Chael Sonnen to Conor McGregor, pre-fight trash talk is a staple in combat sports. And Irish Travellers are no exception.

Rilantu Mincéirí (Irish Travelers) are a group of nomadic families who originated in Ireland, likely during the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland and its aftermath in the mid-1600s. Irish Travellers live primarily in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, and Canada. Perhaps 100,000 or so members of the group speak a mixture of English and Irish called Cant or The Cant, also referred to as Gammon, Tarri, and among linguists it is known as Shelta.

The community embraces bare-knuckle boxing as a means to uphold family honor; rivalries and grudges can last decades. The level of boxing skill can be extremely high, as evidenced by proud Irish Traveller and boxing heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury. And now the rise of the social network means that a practice formerly shrouded within the tight-knit community has reached widespread attention.

Sometimes this results in awesome fights, and once it resulted in the best callout of all time.

Simon O' Donnell's Reply to Big Joe Joyce, Calling Out His Sons Davy and John
Big thanks to Twigy for providing the translation!

Setting aside the casual acknowledgment of actual attempted murder, there are a number of critical takeaways from this video, including:
•Yah junkies junkies bastard;
•The dirty, squeaky good-for-nothin' rat poison bastard;
•Do camera on;
•I'm in the prime of my life;
•A tuna never had a son;
•Tuna had a son that bit an O'Donnell;
•You're the king of dog shite, dog shite you're the king of; and,
•I owlyuwly.

The lung talk is perhaps a reference to Simon being stabbed on March 23, 2005, by Richard McCann. McCann had been a spectator as O'Donnell bare-knuckle boxed a relative of McCann's, and when the bout had concluded, McCann stabbed O'Donnell twice in the back, causing a collapsed lung. McCann, who had 36 prior convictions, was sentenced to seven years for the stabbing and its aftermath.

The McCanns were not the only family "Simey" was feuding with. The callout video above was directed at legendary figure Big Joe Joyce. The video immediately below is a mini-documentary on Big Joe.


The reply to Simey O'Donnell came from Big Joe's son Davy Joyce, who was called out by Simon somewhere in the queue.

Those of you who collect insults may find Davy's reply useful, containing as it does a calm opening - "Hello Simey it's me again" - and then the following gems:
•I'm christening ye now officially shite in a bucket;
•Rat Poison Face;
•Ye've a head that size and it's all swelled and innocent;
•Ya big tall string of misery;
•The only queue ye'll be skipping is the queue t' tha hospital;
•We'll have a few drinks with ye first, and then we'll slap ye in the face afterward.

This is the pair finally fighting.


The two sure can fight though. Below is a mistitled video, O'Donnell and Joyce are the Fair Play Men (refs); O'Donnell is in orange, and Joyce in blue.


Young Simon O'Donnell (blue) Bare Knuckle Boxing Parts I and II

Davy Joyce Bare Knuckle Boxing

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