Amazing judo skills displayed by African kids

AMAZING judo skills displayed by kids in Tanzania

Judo as a martial art is actually quite highly effective, in MMA competition but especially on the street in terms of self-defense. This is because the grips you use on the gi when training can be used exactly the same way on somebody’s clothing during a self-defense situation.

In MMA it is not as common as say BJJ or wrestling but there are still many fighters who have made excellent use of judo in their fights. Fighters like Karo Parisyan in his prime, Fedor Emelianenko, and Ronda Rousey early in her career, all used their high level judo with great success.

The only thing about judo in MMA is that many techniques have to be adapted somewhat due to the lack of gi. So instead of say gripping your opponent’s collar for example, you would have to grab a hold of them with an under hook or over hook perhaps and then go from there.

In this video, we see some excellent judo skills on display from a couple African kids and though they do not have gis of their own, it doesn’t stop them from working on their skills.

For kids it is a excellent martial art as well. Compared to other arts, judo has a pretty steep learning curve for most people so the earlier you get started the better you’ll be. Another important factor is that there is no hitting to the head in judo.

Getting hit in the head isn’t healthy for anyone but you’ve got to think it is much worse for a young developing brain. And while there is some slams and collisions in judo, it’s still probably much easier on the brain than hard sparring or striking competitions where getting KO’d is commonplace.

No need for a fancy Judogi! These kids from Tanzania with some amazing Judo!

Posted by I Love Takedowns on Thursday, April 27, 2017

Judo often gets lumped in with the traditional arts due to the gi and while there is a lot of tradition involved in judo, it is much more effective than say karate or kung fu, as we see here amazingly displayed by these kids from Tanzania.

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