INCREDIBLE 94-year-old Judo practitioner who’s been training for 67 years

When compared to other styles of martial arts, judo can be pretty hard on the body. Although all judo players learn how to get thrown correctly and break fall, you’ve still got to think that all of that being thrown and slammed around can cause a lot of wear and tear on the body as well as create some significant injuries that must add up over the years.

That’s why the 94-year-old in this video from BBC Three’s Amazing Humans, who has allegedly been practicing judo for an incredible 67 years, is both amazing and baffling at the same time.

According to the video description,

Meet Jack. In 1951 he attended his first judo class. Sixty-seven years later he is now the oldest judo sensei in Britain and has taught three generations the martial art. At 94 he can still take down his opponents and regards judo not just as a sport but a way of life: a mental activity as much as a physical one. The most important thing for his pupils to learn, he says, is respect: “Respect for their teacher. Respect for the person you’re busy throwing.”

Although exercise is obviously very important, especially as you start to get up there in age, judo, as previously mentioned, is pretty rough on the body when compared to other martial arts.

Perhaps his students and training partners know to take it easy on him and I reckon he probably does most of the throwing now opposed to getting thrown.

In the video below, it looks mostly like he’s doing mostly instructing and drilling opposed to full out randori (judo sparring), plus, you’ve got to assume his competition days are long behind him which makes sense.

Still, though, the fact that this guy, who’s nearing 100-years-old, is still on the mats and training on some level at all is an incredible and admirable feat nonetheless.

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