Rogan: Gene LeBell choked out Steven Seagal & made him poop

Comedian, actor, UFC commentator and lifelong martial artist Joe Rogan sure knows how to tell a story, maybe better than anyone.

In the video below, Rogan recounts the long told tale of world renowned judo master Gene LeBell allegedly choking out aikido black belt and movie star, Steven Seagal.

Nearly as famous for his ego as he is for his movies and fighting skills, Steven Seagal has developed a reputation for being arrogant and making grand claims about his abilities, as well as more recently making headlines in the MMA blogosphere after crediting himself for having taught Anderson Silva the front kick with which he knocked out UFC veteran and tournament champion Vitor Belfort.

Gene LeBell, on the other hand, is known the world over as a man who prefers to let his skills speak for themselves and rarely, if ever, blows his own horn with regard to his abilities or accomplishments.

One of the original mixed martial artists, LeBell fought middleweight boxing contender, Milo Savage, in a mixed rules match way back on December 2, 1963. Lebell would go on to choke Savage unconscious in the fourth round, and began to make a name for himself in the world of martial arts.

After retiring from combat sports, Judo LeBell went on to work on over 1,000 movies, television shows and commercials as an actor and stunt man. It was while working on the 1991 film Out For Justice that he met Steven Seagal, who boasted to LeBell that he simply could not be choked out.

Always up for a challenge and willing to demonstrate his skills, LeBell was able to easily apply a choke on Seagal, whose only defense was to karate chop Judo Gene in the groin. Apparently, LeBell’s groin was as strong as his technique, and stronger than Seagal’s bowels and bladder, both of which he emptied shortly after being rendered unconscious by the then 59 year old judo master.