Judo Black Belt vs. Freestyle Wrestler

Judo Black Belt vs. Freestyle Wrestler

In the Olympics, there are currently two grappling based martial arts that are represented on the world stage; Judo and Wrestling.

So what happens when these two contrasting yet complimentary styles meet each other in a submission only rules match on the mat?

In June 2016 Iceland’s MMAFréttir setup a style vs. style super fight that saw Icelandic freestyle wrestler Igor Gladun take on fellow countryman Judo black belt Sveinbjörn Lura in a submission only match. With each competitor wearing their traditional arts uniform it felt like a throwback of the formative days of the Ultimate Fighting Championship where each style was looking to prove their superiority.

In mixed martial arts often when two high-level grapplers are matched up they typically cancel each other out resulting in a stalemate on the feet, but in this case, they each wasted no time in their attempts to get this to the mat.

As Igor Gladun attempts to execute a shoulder throw Sveinbjörn Lura manages to get a counter reversing Igor and immediately landing in mount and transitioning to the back to work a choke and suddenly this starts resembling a Brazilian JiuJitsu match.

From here it becomes very evident Lura has the grappling advantage on the floor showing a lot of composure even when he gets revered landing into full guard. Igor on the other hand although showing good control when on top clearly shows a gap in his knowledge of submission holds as well as working off of his back effectively.

After a stalemate occurs on the edge of the mat which also sees Lura’s blackbelt come loose inside Igor’s guard, the match is halted and reset back in the middle resuming positions. Lura then proceeds to effortlessly passes Igor’s guard, transitions to mount and then takes advantage of the gi locking on an Ezekiel choke forcing the tap from the freestyle wrestler.