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Judo champion attacked by two men who try to steal his keys - does NOT go well

Judo champ is attacked by two guys in Birmingham - Judos them into the pavement

According to a source who spoke with Birmingham Mail, what led to this incident was;

"The [the two men in the video] smashed his wing mirror and damaged his car they approached him at the lights and took his keys and tried to attack him.

"He's an ex-judo champion. He's been to the police station told them the story and has made them aware of his capabilities. He didn't get arrested and they're looking into the matter."

In the video, we see right away the judo skills of the man on display as he effortlessly sweeps one man to the ground as soon as the video starts.

He tussles with them for a bit longer though it is kind of hard to see exactly what is going on, it appears both of his attackers look to hit the deck once more each. The judoka is clearly in full control of the situation, which is especially impressive considering he's facing multiple opponents.

Fighting multiple opponents at once is very dangerous and never recommended as even if you have martial arts training like this guy clearly did, it can still end badly, and your risk of getting seriously hurt is very high.

Nowadays, judo practitioners seem to be rarer compared to BJJ practitioners but it can still be a very effective and even a brutal art, especially on the street.

All of those throws and sweeps they practice are going to be much more damaging when they are performed on the pavement. Plus, the clothes and jackets people wear while normally walking around in public make for excellent grips, just like the Gi which is used in training.

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