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Jean-Claude Van Damme sparring with daughter's ex-boyfriend

WATCH: Jean-Claude Van Damme sparring with daughter's ex-boyfriend
Jean-Claude Van Damme sparring with daughter's ex-boyfriend

Jean-Claude Van Damme sparring with daughter's ex-boyfriend

Jean-Claude Van Damme is one of the most famous martial arts movie stars in the world. Though his hay day was in the eighties and nineties he is still quite well-known worldwide, particularly in Europe and Asia.

Out of all the martial arts movie stars out there, Van Damme is probably one of the toughest with the most legitimate skill as well as some successful competition experience to his name. He comes from a Shotokan karate background where it is documented he had some tournament experience in both karate and lower level kickboxing.

In this clip from Van Damme's reality show for British television 'Jean-Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors' we see the film and martial arts legend himself doing some light sparring with his daughter's ex-boyfriend.

The show was supposed to highlight the life of Jean-Claude as he prepared for a kickboxing bout that never came to fruition. Instead, it was more biographical and gave viewers a glimpse of who JCVD really was.

The sparring in the video, while remaining light and playful, shows that Van Damme still has some moves and could have easily dispatched his much younger foe had he chosen to do so.


"Jean-Claude Van Damme aka 'The Muscles from Brussels' is a massive box office star with roles in movies including Bloodsport, Universal Soldier, and The Expendables 2. In Jean-Claude Van Damme: Behind Closed Doors, his private life is exposed for the first time as he allows cameras access behind the scenes at his home and when he's at work on set. Van Damme and his family reveal the man behind the movie legend who works and parties hard. We discover a sensitive but complex character who is strong enough to take on the world, but who also regrets his rock 'n' roll lifestyle and desperately misses his family when he is away filming. This is an intimate portrait of an international movie star as you've never seen him before." [Source: IMDB]

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