‘Kickboxer’ challenges the wrong Grandmaster

‘Kickboxer’ challenges the wrong Grandmaster

In the martial arts community, dojo storming and challenge matches used to be all the rage back in the day. Before mixed martial arts and the UFC came along, the was no real outlet for a martial artist to compete against each other full contact outside of the strict rules of points competition.

If you wanted to find out what worked and who the toughest guy was, you had to go from dojo to dojo and find out first hand. You could see the problems that could arise from doing this, as you could get hurt.

According to the video description of this dojo challenge match,

“Grand Master Harris A. Edwards, Jr. (P.D.QUICK) sparring a Kickboxer who showed up to the DOJO and asked to fight someone because he needed some additional sparring rounds before his upcoming Kickboxing fight. This is footage taken in 1987. Takedowns etc allowed. This how we sparred mixing it up, standing and ground.”

So pretty much a kickboxer walks into this dojo and challenges a grandmaster to spar a few rounds for an upcoming fight. He bites off quite a bit more than he can chew too judging from this footage.

Right from the get-go, the martial artist named ‘Grandmaster Harris Edwards’ lands a big head kick and you can tell right away he is MUCH more skilled as well as much stronger.

Look at how he just picks up his opponent, hurls him through the air then slams him down ruthlessly like a wrestler just 30 seconds into the session.

This ‘kickboxer’ literally lands nothing of note the entire session. The martial artist is in complete control of the distance and lands whenever he wants. Though he pretty much kicks his butt, he is probably still just taking it easy on him as he could have probably knocked him out immediately.

Hopefully, this ‘kickboxer’ learned his lesson here and didn’t challenge anybody else after this.

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