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Cocky martial arts student challenges his instructor on the spot - ends FAST

Challenging your instructor is a bad idea in a few ways - don't blink!
Cocky martial arts student challenges his instructor - does not go well

Cocky martial arts student challenges his instructor - does not go well

A Sensei is a revered, respected position in traditional martial arts. This is what happens if you cross the line and challenge them.

In traditional martial arts, the Sensei is usually the highest position in the dojo. He or she is most often the head instructor and demands the highest amount of respect and reverence. Unlike more modern martial arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, it is considered highly disrespectful to challenge one’s own Sensei. It is like challenging one’s own family member in the traditional martial arts scene.

That disrespect wasn’t taken lightly, as shown in the YouTube video below.

It is unclear exactly which martial art this is from but since Sensei is Japanese it is safe to assume it is one of many Japanese martial arts – most likely karate which utilizes the kind of kicking techniques displayed in the video, albeit reserved for higher-level students.

This short clip entitled ‘A student challenges his Sensei’ shows the vast difference in skill level between a Sensei and a lower level student. The Sensei is the man in the black kimono with no headgear while his student, the challenger, is wearing no shirt and is decked out in safety gear (shin pads and headgear). Hmm worried much? They are both wearing martial arts gloves similar to what Bruce Lee wore in ‘Enter the Dragon.’

There is not much to talk about in terms of technique for this one. The Sensei has a typical wide stance seen in TMAs. He throws a couple of feints to judge his opponent's reaction. Flicks out a couple of jabs and then delivers a nice spin kick to his opponent's head, dropping him. It is almost halfway between a spinning back kick and a wheel kick.

“That’s it,” you hear the cameraman say. One and done.

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