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425 lb pro fighter vs 265 lb WWE wrestler in real fight - ends in brutal KO

What happens when a WWE Wrestler meets a 425-pound pro fighter in a shootfight? The answer in this case is a painful one.
Pro fighter vs. WWE wrestler REAL FIGHT

Pro fighter vs. WWE wrestler REAL FIGHT

In 1998, the WWE (then known as the WWF) hosted a shootfighting tournament called Brawl for All, where a selection of WWE superstars competed in non-staged bouts that were comprised of three one-minute rounds.

A ‘clean’ takedown was awarded 5 points and a knockdown 10. The contest was also to be drawn to a halt if a combatant was rendered unconscious or determined unable to continue after an 8-count.

425 lbs. pro fighter vs. 265 lbs. WWE wrestler in REAL FIGHT

425 lbs. pro fighter vs. 265 lbs. WWE wrestler in REAL FIGHT

WWE wrestler, Mike Polchlopek, otherwise known as ‘Bart Gunn’, cut a swath through the tournament with three consecutive knockouts that included a TKO against Bradshaw in the final match. The tournament was met with negativity and backlash from the fans and media alike as it featured real fights that caused several injuries among the wrestlers who participated.

However, that didn’t stop the WWE from matching up their tournament winner against 'The King Of The Four Rounders', Eric ‘Butterbean’ Esch, who was a popular professional fighter at the time. Esch is known for having dynamite in his hands and an enormous 425-pounds of girth. While never considered a true master of his craft, Butterbean thrilled fans with a number of scintillating knockouts and was leagues above Polchlopek in terms of skill and experience.

When Butterbean crossed paths with the much less experienced Polchlopek, it seemed inevitable that the result would be quick and decisive… and it was. Polchlopek was knocked down early in the fight— a knockdown that was preceded by one of the most devastating knockouts in the history of combat sports. As Polchlopek was recovering, Butterbean saw his opening and launched his beleaguered foe across the ring with a right-handed haymaker that sent him crashing through the ropes.

Thankfully, Polchlopek was not seriously injured, but definitely could have been. Given the skill disparity, this match remains one that probably should have never been made.

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