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WATCH: Drunk guy gets blasted with a head kick in poor gym fight matchmaking

Drunken kung fu guy walks into a fight gym - pays for it
Drunk guy, head kick

Unless you are of sound mind and body, it's probably not best to walk into a dojo looking for a fight. One man found that out first hand and was put to bed early because of it.

In the embedded video below, we see two men. One using a sound martial arts stance, a bit of a bounce in his step, and looking ready to unload some heavy artillery. The other seems far less fearsome and his movements are that of a person that might be a wee bit inebriated. Offering neither an offensive or defensive stance to combat what might be coming his way. It's almost as if he's not fully away this is going to turn into a very real fight.

Suffice to say, this individual is already off to a bad start.

Drunk guy gets head kicked into a nap

[brid video="712983" player="25478" title="Drunken%20kung%20fu%20guy%20walks%20into%20fight%20gym%20%20challenges%20instructor" duration="132" description="Zia Quant (or drunken fist) is a legitimate style of martial arts that imitate a drunkard." uploaddate="2021-02-02 20:11:50" thumbnailurl="" contenturl=""]

As the fight unfolds, the fellow in the black shorts lands a couple of solid overhand punches and a stiff-looking leg kick. For his part, the man in the grey pants is showing a tough demeanor as he shows little reaction to having several hard shots score on his face and body. To add to this game face, grey shorts gives his opponent his best Dikembe Mutombo-style finger-wag to show his foe's strikes are pillow powered.

The taunt is quickly responded to with a body kick that lands.

Throughout the two-plus minute video, grey pants is pretty much a glorified punching bag as black shorts unloads fast punches and kicks, and receives no counters or even a serviceable attempt to defend the strikes.

Eventually, we reach a point where black shorts has set his range and feels it is time to land his finisher. Which ends up being a super-fast kick to grey pants' head. Putting the sloshed wannabe fighter out cold. Bringing a destructive end to the impromptu gym matchup.