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WATCH: Kung Fu fails in an actual fight

Wing Chun vs street fighter - ends in surprising fashion
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Sometimes training in an art like Kung Fu doesn't mean you will win in an actual street fight.

When you compare traditional martial arts to more modern competition-based martial arts (BJJ or Muay Thai), there is a lack of realism in their training.

All martial arts instructors and schools are different but for the most part traditional martial arts training does not involve full contact sparring or competition against a fully resisting opponent. Without that type of hard training, it is difficult to tell which techniques are truly effective in real-life scenarios.

Watch as a Kung Fu practitioner's skills fail him a real fight

[brid video="732649" player="25478" title="Guy%20doubts%20the%20effectiveness%20of%20Kung%20Fu%20in%20a%20real%20fight" duration="142" description="When you compare traditional martial arts to more modern, competition-based martial arts (Wrestling, BJJ, Muay Thai, etc.), there is a lack of realism in the training…" uploaddate="2021-03-04 01:03:32" thumbnailurl="" contenturl=""]

In the video above we see an example of that very issue. While the Kung Fu practitioner isn't completely inept he walks into a punch right off the bat. The man is very fancy with his hand motions but it doesn't do him any good ashis opponent is able to land shots on him pretty easily.

The trained martial arts fighter gets dropped less than a minute in and it looks to be over but he wants more. It starts up again and he then throws an okay-looking spin kick but it doesn't land. He then starts to land some decent shots after that but he is brawling, not using much technique. His foe drops him with a big right hand for good this time, and the fight is over.