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40-year-old MMA fighter vs. 20-year-old streetfighter

40 year old MMA fighter vs. 20 year old streetfighter - ends in less than a minute
40-year-old MMA fighter vs. 20-year-old streetfighter

40-year-old MMA fighter vs. 20-year-old streetfighter

Let's face it age is an important factor when it comes to fighting. The younger man usually possesses a big physical advantage. They are often in better shape, faster, more athletic, and can recover quicker.

The older man has to use skill and technique as well as smarts to outplay his younger foe. This fight from Russian amateur promotion 'Arrows Street Fight' shows a 40-year-old man with MMA training taking on a street fighter who is half his age.

They appear to be roughly similar in size when they face off yet the younger man appears to be in much better physical condition. Though it is hard to tell as the 40-year-old guy is wearing a rashguard.

The fight starts out and the older guy has his hands quite a bit lower than his opponents'. He has a better sense of distance however as he knows how to strike then move just out of his opponent's range to avoid damage. This is imperative as his older body is not as good at taking damage.

The older man also displays a nice looking jab and a good sidekick that is seldom seen from MMA fighters.

Shortly into the contest the older man hurts his younger foe and stays on him. He displays a good killer instinct as well as he doesn't let up and keeps hitting him until he drops and the fight is called.



"Arrows Street Fight Championships by Thrones MMA started in 2011 in St. Petersburg, Russia as a revolutionary concept in MMA where virtually any amateur fighter can participate in. Each participant is checked in advance to be fit and in good condition by a medical panel, and a matchmaking panel selects compatible opponents. Amateur fighters of all ages and social groups show off their skills which turn to be incredibly entertaining to watch." [Source: TRONMMArts]

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