5 actors you do NOT want to mess with

Actors can get a bad rap sometimes as being known as pretentious, prima donnas and for many of them, that stigma is warranted. However, there are quite a few of them who break that stereotype through the martial arts like we see in the video below from YouTube channel Fame Focus.

The first actor covered in this video is none other than Ashton Kutcher, best known for his role as lovable goof ‘Kelso’ on That 70’s Show. Kutcher is a practitioner of BJJ and trains with Ricardo De Le Riva and has also trained with Rigan Machado.

Though the video says Kutcher is a black belt in BJJ, that doesn’t appear to be the case as just a year or two ago he was sporting a purple belt and going from purple to black in that amount of time is very unlikely. Nevertheless, a purple belt is still very respectable and as long as he keeps training consistently under those quality instructors his black belt will come in time.

Also covered in this video is Ed O’Neil, best known for his portrayal of Al Bundy as well as his more recent role in the popular sitcom Modern Family. Ed O’Neil is an official, confirmed black belt in BJJ under the legendary Gracie family. This didn’t come easy for Ed, though, as he started training fairly late in life and it took him 22 years to do so. He has said that getting his black belt was “The greatest achievement in my life.”

Check out the video below to see 3 other actors who you don’t ever want to mess with.


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