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Cocky, undefeated, backyard brawler shows up at MMA gym - challenges pro fighter

Strikeforce veteran throws down with '40-0' street fighter who called him out
40-0 backyard brawler claims he can beat anyone - challenges pro MMA fighter

40-0 backyard brawler claims he can beat anyone - challenges pro MMA fighter

In this video, we see what happens when an alleged 40-0 backyard brawler challenges a legitimate professional MMA fighter and it gets ugly pretty quickly.

According to the video description,

"Steven Durr (red shorts) of SSF Clarksville shows the difference between a trained fighter and a backyard fighter(Hunter Black, claimed he was 40-0). This backyard fighter has taken the first step and walked into a REAL Gym, if he starts training, it would be interesting to see how much he would improve but we will never know since he never returned. He came in all cocky and said he could beat any fighter in his weight class and when he heard that Steven Durr was a Pro fighter that has fought on Strikeforce and OneFC he called him out."

The pro-MMA fighter in this video, Steven Durr, has a 1-2 MMA record as a professional and also fought as an amateur in the now defunct MMA and kickboxing promotion, Strikeforce, where he went 1-0 before turning pro.


While a 1-2 pro record might not sound too impressive initially, don't let that fool you. Someone who has competed as a professional MMA fighter is almost always going to still be highly skilled just to have gotten to that level and an untrained backyard brawler or street fighter is going to be easy pickings for someone like that, even if they possess a losing record.

Some people just have to find things out the hard way, unfortunately, and this alleged 40-0 backyard brawler gets absolutely demolished here not just once, but twice!

It doesn't take long for the backyard brawler to stop throwing any offense then quickly goes into survival mode, but that still doesn't stop the onslaught from the Strikeforce and One FC veteran.


The end finally comes during the second round of the above video when the backyard fighter finally can no longer stand up to the punishment.

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