Confident Tai-Chi master challenges pro MMA fighter – ends in TEN seconds

Confident Tai-Chi master challenges pro MMA fighter – ends in 10 seconds

A Tai-Chi master vs. pro MMA fighter in this crazy and FAST MMA-style fight in a cage.

Chinese MMA star Xu Xiaodong returned to action, this time against Tai Chi master Chen Yong, in the mountains of Guangdong province.

As stated on Xu’s YouTube channel: “At the end of 2018, Chen Yong challenged me on Shenzhen Satellite TV. I accepted the challenge.”

Xu lands with two kicks and then a jab. The jab had the Tai Chi master stumbling back into the cage, where he decided to throw in the towel. That was fassst!

After the loss, Master Chen uploaded a video to YouTube saying “The moment I stepped into the cage I realized the ground was so soft. I have been practicing for a year on hard surfaces, soft surfaces inhibit tai chi. The power and force that comes from tai chi can’t be found on soft surfaces.” And there ya have it…

Xu’s reputation began in 2017 when he started calling out Chinese kung fu masters on Weibo, claiming they were frauds. The first master to step up to defend the accusations was “Thunder style” master Wei Li. The fight lasted 10 seconds.

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