How to beat a MUCH taller opponent in the ring, cage or street

How to beat a MUCH taller opponent in the ring, cage or street

Overcoming a height and oftentimes subsequent reach disadvantage in a fight can be difficult to do but there are still certain strategies and techniques that are going to be effective against a taller opponent which can help you win the fight.

In this video from YouTube channel, MMA Shredded, we find out the top 3 strategies to defeating a much taller opponent and professional MMA fighter, Jeff Chan, even uses some of his own fights as examples to further prove his point.

Whether it’s in a ring, a cage, or on the street in a self-defense situation, a taller opponent is more often than not going to possess a big reach advantage over you as well. However, unless they know how to fight tall and use that reach advantage effectively, height isn’t really going to mean all that much.

Even some taller, high-level UFC fighters don’t seem to use their reach and height as effectively as they could. Some examples of high-level strikers who use their reach and height very effectively are kickboxer Semmy Schilt and boxer, Wladimir Klitschko.

Both guys would be absolute nightmares to fight, being a shorter opponent, but some of Jeff’s strategies here in this video below could very well be effective against taller guys like them.

Some of the striking techniques Jeff likes to use against taller opponents are the low kick as well as the overhand right, especially when used as a counter.

Another one of Jeff’s strategies involves catching the taller guy’s kick then sweeping their other leg out from under them. Muay Thai legend Saenchai made excellent use of kick-catching in his fights as he was usually the shorter man throughout his career.

In MMA or on the street in a self-defense situation, a takedown is also another good strategy against a taller opponent, as we can see in the video above, and makes their height a moot point.