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Jon Jones road to the UFC

Jon compiled this 6-0 record in three months alone and did it in brutal fashion by finishing all six bouts. Five by KO and one by submission.

Jon Jones in considered the most dominant Light-Heavyweight Champion in UFC history. Many fans don’t know that Jon Jones had what I think is the most dominant, fast, and brutal starts to any fighter's career in MMA history.

It was honestly a very scary time for light-heavyweights that were fighting in the north east at this time. Because Jon Jones came onto the scene so fast and was taking fights so fast, that it was hard to prepare. It happened in a blink of time as Jon came and went before being in the UFC.

His regional fighting record was an impressive 6-0. You may think that a 6-0 record is impressive, and you’d be correct. That is an immense feat in the sport. But most fighters tend to fight every 3-5 months. Jon compiled this 6-0 record in three months alone and did it in brutal fashion by finishing all six bouts. Five by KO and one by submission. For a guy that was following up an undefeated season winning a JUCO National Wrestling Title, him knocking everyone out was downright frightening.

Let’s jump into the dangerous time that was the wildly dangerous and aggressive, young Bones.

Jon Jones first Pro Fight
April 12, 2008- FFP Untamed 20
Jon Jones (0-0) vs Brad Bernard (0-2)

Being the wrestler that Jon Jones was, we did get to see some of the things you would expect in a wrestler crossing over into MMA. He was using takedowns and throws as well as and some supreme ground and pound. We also did see an attempt at some jiu-jitsu, but once it failed he went back to the what works and used wrestling to make sure he secured himself a great win.

This second bout you would start to see Jon open up more and become slightly more scary. By the way, this fight took place a week after his first fight.

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Jon Jones 2nd Fight
April 19, 2008- Battle Cage Xtreme 4
Jon Jones (1-0) vs Carlos Eduardo (2-1)

You see a major difference in Jon Jones in just one week. It seemed that all he needed to do was win one fight and then he could really let it all hang out. Also, the first event had more of an underground fighting lighting going on, while this last fight we saw Jon Jones is a UFC-looking, polished MMA show.

Plus Jon was taking on a guy that was 2-0 with two finishes, in Carlos Eduardo. The interesting thing about Carlos Eduardo was that his first two fights were for K-1 and for Shooto. He even won the Shooto Light-Heavyweight title many years after this, so this was no slouch of an opponent.

Jon really mixed it up and tried to box from the outside and had to defend takedowns the whole time, as Eduardo pushed the pace. Jon showed that he has possessed power and landed a very similar shot to Eduardo’s face as he did when he KO’d Lyoto Machida.

Jon would then fight the following week in Worcester against a game opponent. I remember driving to this fight from New York. If you don’t Worcester, it's pronounced by the locals as “Woosta”. We did get lost for quite a while as we were calling it “War-chester”, but we did get there in time, and boy was it quick.

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Jon Jones 3rd Fight
April 25, 2008- Ice Fighter
Jon Jones (2-0) vs Anthony Pina (0-0)
Jon Jones wins by submission at 1:15 of the 1st Round (guillotine choke)

After hours of driving from New York, we made it. Finally got to see this beast that everyone was talking about, for 75 seconds and worth every seconds.

Jon was able to land a huge throw, get top position, ground and pound away until his opponent leaned into a mounted guillotine. A few taps and the fight was over and Jon was untouched.

This was when the local scene really started talking about Jon. This was making the area quite scared of what was happening. He had no just went 3-0 in three weeks and absolutely demolished his competition.

You had a guy that was so much taller and longer than any fighters that possessed dangerous striking, incredible wrestling, and now some BJJ. Let’s jump ahead a two weeks to some more Jon Jones punishment.

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Jon Jones 4th Fight
May 9, 2008- USFL War in The Woods 3
Jon Jones (3-0) vs Ryan Verrett (1-3)

This fight was where you really got see how scary Jon Jones is. He would stand in front of opponents and stalk them. This fight he throws one punch and it knocks out his opponent, he then celebrates briefly and throws a couple extra punches to make it official. 14 seconds is all this guy needed.

Jon Jones is now 4-0 in a matter of weeks and making all regional fighters in the area nervous for the call. Jon would now take off about five weeks, which was probably because promoters couldn’t find anyone willing to fight.

Jon eventually found a fight. Even tho there is no footage of this bout, by the pictures and me telling you that this fight lasted 36 seconds, I think you could use your imagination to recreate this bout.

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Jon Jones 5th Fight
June 20, 2008- World Championship Fight 3
Jon Jones (4-0) vs Parker Porter (2-0)
Jon Jones wins by TKO Round One (0:36)

Another brutal win for Jon Jones and extremely quick. His last three wins all ended in the first round with a combined time of just above two minutes. It was now time for Jon Jones to fight for a title and see if he could make himself 6-0 and get into the UFC.

Funny part about this fight is that I fought on the same card as Jon for this one and actually fought his teammate right before it. Had a draw with his teammate Pat Audinwood for a belt as well.

But anyway, this was the fight where we got see Jon Jones combine all the skills that he showed off in the past couple weeks, and be a world championship caliber-looking fighter.

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Jon Jones’ 6th Fight
July 12, 2008 - Battle Cage Xtreme 5
Jon Jones vs Moyses Gabin (2-1)

Enjoy Jon Jones’ last fight before the UFC, in which he fought under a month after this. We all know what happened next.

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