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Keyboard warrior shows up to MMA gym after challenging two MMA fighters online

Internet tough guy challenges 2 MMA fighters to spar and actually shows up
Keyboard warrior challenges 2 MMA fighters - does NOT go well

Keyboard warrior challenges 2 MMA fighters - does NOT go well

Keyboard warriors and internet tough guys are, unfortunately, an all too common thing these days, particularly in the MMA space. Too many so-called MMA 'fans' are so quick to hurl hurtful insults at fighters, but would never have the gall to say those things to their faces in person.

In this instance, however, we see a keyboard warrior who talked some smack over the internet to a couple of MMA fighters then actually had the cojones to show up in person and agree to a sparring session.

The fighters he challenged are 3-0 professional fighter, Damon Minor, as well as 11-0 amateur fighter, Mitch Aguiar, who is also a former US Navy Seal.

Now, being disrespectful to anyone is never cool, but when you do so to someone who's not only an MMA fighter but also a Navy Seal, that's just not very intelligent.

Via Instagram, the keyboard warrior had this to say to Aguiar, who is due to make his professional MMA debut at the end of this month.

"I might have to come up there and give you a real sparring match."

To the keyboard warrior's credit, however, he actually showed up like he said he would and took his beatings like a man from both Mitch Aguiar and Damon Minor, as we can see in the video below.

Also, it doesn't appear like he's completely unskilled as well. While he's clearly outmatched here, he at least knows to cover up and defend himself to a certain degree. He does eventually end up getting dropped via spinning back-fist from Aguiar but to his credit, despite the heavy punishment from the fighters, he doesn't get knocked out.

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As we can see in the above video, though, he sure does take quite a beating and hopefully, in the future, he decides to be a little more respectful to professional MMA fighters, who, like Aguiar says in his Instagram post, put everything into their craft.

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