Hothead student challenges MMA instructor to a fight in his own gym

Hothead challenges MMA instructor to fight in front of students
Hothead challenges MMA instructor to fight in front of students

When a hot-headed man challenged an MMA instructor to a fight in front of his students, he soon discovered that he had bitten off more than he could chew.

Chevenne ‘Che’ Moreno is an instructor at the Freestyle Fighting Miami Mixed Martial Arts gym, and according to his version of events, he was confronted by a man named Eli, who had taken offense when Che tapped him to say hello.

”Hey man, why you tap me for?” the ill-tempered Eli asked him.

”I was just saying what’s up,” Che replied.

”Don’t be tapping me, man,” Eli responded.

”Alright dude, chill out,” Che said, attempting to defuse the situation. “Don’t take it personally.”

However, Eli then proceeded to call him out in front of his teenage students and co-workers at the gym.

”What? Man, you want to take this on the mat?” Eli threatened.

”Are you serious?” Che replied in disbelief.

”Yeah man, I don’t like that. We can settle this on the mat.”

As well as being an instructor, Che also has one professional MMA fight on his record, a 48-second submission victory dating back to 2007, so he had no qualms about accepting Eli’s challenge, leading to them both strapping on boxing gloves and preparing to settle their differences the old fashioned way.

Che started the fight by landing a jab to the head, then another to the body of Eli, before launching into a knee to the midsection.

Moving into the clinch, Eli attempted to get off a few knees, but Che’s technique was far superior and his knees in response landed with far greater impact.

Coming off second best, Eli broke free of the clinch, but just seconds later Che stepped in with a hard right hook that dropped him hard onto the mat, at which point the fight was brought to an end to save Eli from further punishment.

So, Eli learned a humbling lesson on this occasion that not only does, “pride comes before a fall,” but that challenging your MMA instructor in front of his own students is never a good idea!

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