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Ryan Gracie bites off Tico's ear on the patio

You have not seen a no-holds-barred bout until you have seen this one.

Ryan Gracie (in the light blue speedo) backyard fighting against a Carlson Gracie student named Tico in Brazil in the early 1990s.

At one point Tico cranks on Ryan's finger; less than a minute later Ryan bites a piece of Tico's right ear lobe off in retaliation. You can hear Renzo screaming in the background during most of the video. This is as old school as it gets!

After the two bit, gouged, and taunted each other for forty minutes, the fight apparently ended when Ryan tripped over a potted plant and injured his ribs.

With no record, and two weeks after turning 26, Ryan Gracie premiered in the Pride fighting event held in August of 2000 for a purse of 150,000 dollars, around five times what big-name Brazilian fighters received for fighting in what was the top MMA event in the world at that time.

As he walked to the ring, the Japanese announcer called him the greatest street fighter in the Gracie family. No exaggeration there. Speaking over the mic, he told of how in one fight he bit off an opponent’s ear. Also not a lie.

The fight mentioned, with him as a kid taking on Tico of Amazonas, is a Youtube classic. (The one you're watching on this page.) In the middle of the fight, he said his opponent was pulling his fingers. They said no holds were barred. So he did what his crowd told him to: “Bite his ear off!” It didn’t go as far as to come off, but the bite did end up figuring on his résumé. [source :]

Here's one's version of the background story of this fight:

The true story of the rivalry between Ryan and Wallid is as follows: During a championship in college Veiga de Almeida (Barra - RJ) organized by the recently established Jiu Jitsu Association of Barra da Tijuca, there was a disagreement between Ryan and Tico (student Carlson).

They were both in the audience and were fighting out there, but Carlinhos Gracie was there and stopped, saying it was the first championship there and would burn the film. Then they scored to fight the next day.

The next day, at 8:30, Ryan was already in the Academy Vital Space (which operates at Gracie Barra), when Tico comes to fight, with Ismail, Amaury and Parrumpinha. Carlinhos did not leave fighting there, explaining that there was training place and not fight, then the Soca (Alexandre Carneiro) said his house was empty and the fight could be there.

Then they went to the home of Soca. It was agreed that only the Renzo could give instructions to the Ryan and only Wallid speak for Tico. The fight lasted about 40 minutes, starting and ending on the lawn on the porch when Ryan fell upon a potted plant and broke his rib.

The summary of the fight was as follows: The two stood still long, but when Ryan broke inside, always had just mounted (but tired). He gave their asses kicked but died in the gas and Tico (much stronger and heavier) exit from the mount. In one of these mounted Ryan, Tico tried to twist his finger.

Ryan protested and Ismail responded by saying that it was beating and unfriendly workout. Then someone shouted, "Bite his face, Ryan." Did not have to speak two times: Ryan took a bite the ear of the guy who ripped off a piece (after Renzo caught the earpiece and put in the freezer).

At the beginning of the fight, the thing was a bit slow and Renzo already nervous about the lack of combativeness shot, "Bora" Streak, "gives a spitting in the face of that horn." Ryan was not made ​​to beg and fired four or five well in the face of Tico. [source - youtube user: mrclbrazil2010]