7 surprising benefits of fighting with your hands down

7 SURPRISING benefits to fighting with hands down

One of the first things you learn in striking-based martial arts is that you should always keep your hands held up high to protect your head and face from punishment.

However, many MMA fighters out there don’t feel the same way about that rule and in this video from YouTube channel MMA Shredded, professional MMA fighter Jeff Chan explains the surprising benefits to keeping your hands held low.

The first benefit Chan goes over in the video is that he believes you can generate a more powerful punch if your hands are held low. This kind of makes sense as you would have more distance to generate more power.

Chuck ‘The Iceman’ Liddell used to keep his hands held VERY low in his fights and for most of his career, that strategy worked out well for him and helped him earn countless knockouts. However, towards the end of his career when he wasn’t as fast and could no longer sustain the same kind of punishment, that ‘hands down’ style came back to haunt him.

On the other hand, though, Liddell’s hands down style may have helped him to defend the takedown more efficiently, which is another benefit pro MMA fighter Jeff Chan goes over in this video.

Having your hands lower than normal makes it easier for you to get the under-hook in when your opponent is trying to take you down. If your hands are held way up high, you may not be able to bring them down fast enough to defend the takedown.

Some other elite-level MMA fighters who fight with a ‘hands down’ style are Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson and Michael ‘Venom’ Page. However, these guys are more so the exception to the rule and beginners should always focus on learning the proper technique before getting fancy, I reckon.

Check out the above video to see the other surprising benefits to fighting with your hands down low.