120-pound Wing Chun master vs. 220-pound MMA fighter

120-pound Pressure point Wing Chun master from Ip Man lineage vs. 220-pound Chinese MMA fighter

Chinese MMA fighter Xu Xiaodong has taken the martial arts world and the Internet by storm in his attempts to expose ‘fake’ martial arts. The video below shows his latest fight against a pressure point Wing Chun master, straight from the Ip Man lineage.

Via Fight Commentary Breakdowns on YouTube:

“Just an update on this match. Xu actually broke the Wing Chun guy’s nose, and Wing Chun guy Lv had to go the hospital after the match. Xu sent my viewer a video explaining that he was actually forced to put on the clown warrior face makeup. He also had to use a fake name or else his match wouldn’t be allowed to be live-streamed. The name he went by is Xu Dong Gua, which means Xu Winter Melon. Xu was not happy with the name. So he wasn’t putting on the face paint to troll, but apparently, the martial arts organizations in China wouldn’t let him compete if he showed his real face. Also, Xu’s bank account is apparently frozen until he apologizes to some Kung Fu Master that he apparently insulted, according to the Chinese courts. That’s a lot of sketchiness right there! No wonder Xu seemed so angry in this fight.”

One interesting quote found in the comments section – seems pretty accurate:

“This match is like a contest between an abacus and a supercomputer. No one would deny that the abacus is an excellent piece of traditional Chinese culture, just as no one would deny that martial arts and Chinese medicine are outstanding pieces of cultural heritage. However, like bamboo slips, parchment paper, and engraving books, museums are the best place for them to stay.”

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