World’s strongest man vs 4th degree BJJ blackbelt in MMA – ends fast

World's strongest man vs 4th degree BJJ blackbelt in MMA - ends fast
World’s strongest man vs 4th degree BJJ blackbelt in MMA – ends fast

It’s a well-known fact that technology is the most important thing in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and might I argue, in any martial art. Rolles Gracie is a fantastic BJJ fighter, but things got a little awry when he faced the world’s strongest man…

Rolles Gracie knows a thing or two when it comes to grappling. He is actually a 4th-degree black belt in BJJ and a 3rd dan black belt in Judo. He is amazing on the ground, no doubt. When you boast such credentials but aren’t able to take your opponent to the ground though, trouble might come your way.

Marius Pudzianowski is, simply put, a behemoth of a man. In fact, he has won 5 World’s Strongest Man titles during his strongman career. The Polish strongman might not be the most skilled MMA fighter around, but he is freakishly strong, and definitely can crack.

Rolles Gracie and Marius Pudzianowski were set to meet at the KSW 31 event, in an intriguing, style vs style, much-anticipated showdown. The question that surrounded this fight was: can Gracie’s technique overcome the insane power of the Polish strongman?

The fight starts, and both fighters are trying to gauge distance. Gracie throws an inside leg kick but Pudzianowski checks it. Just over 20 seconds into the fight, Pudzianowski feints a jab and throws a monstrous overhand right that lands square on Gracie’s face. The Brazilian crumbles to the canvas. The Polish follows him and throws a couple of shots before the referee has to put a halt to the contest.

That fight didn’t unfold the way most observers expected. Pudzianowski, by the sheer power he is able to display, is of course a threat for anyone, but many people expected the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace to take him to the ground and make quick work of him.

That’s what’s amazing about mixed martial arts. No other sport offers such intriguing contests, and more often than not, the result blows your mind away.

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