Old school no-rules fight: Karate champion vs. 250 pound mountain of muscle

Underground challenge fight with no-rules: Karate teacher vs pro bodybuilder

Lance Batchelor is a professional bodybuilder and was Mr. Utah in 1992. Batchelor weighed in at a little over 250 pounds.

Yasunori Matsumoto is a 3-time all-Japan Full-Contact Karate Champion, a 7th Degree Black Belt in Shidokan Karate, & a 3rd Degree Black belt in Kudo.

Bachelor also once fought BJJ legend Pedro Sauer in a similar gym fight and had similar results. Sauer gave up over 100 pounds to Batchelor and was still able to secure a win over the mountain of muscle.

Shidokan, literally translated, means “The group that lives and trains in the way of the samurai warrior.” Shidokan is a 21st Century martial art with roots dating back hundreds of years to its Okinawan ancestors. Suffice it is to say, Shidokan is an eclectic combination of Goju-Ryu, Shotokan, Kyokushinkai, and Thai Boxing.

Shidokan is a style of Knockdown karate, Shidokan karate is sometimes described as the “Triathlon of Martial arts”, as it encompasses full-contact karate, Muay Thai, and grappling-based martial arts.

Tournaments are full contact and are normally held in a boxing ring. Founded in 1980 with dojo and students in various countries around the world.

Although Shidokan is a stand-up fighting style that includes kicks, strikes, and punches found in most other styles of karate combined with Muay Thai, it also utilizes numerous locks, sweeps, and throws often associated with judo, jiu-jitsu, and or wrestling.

Kudo is a mixed Budo sport comprising full contact punches, kicks, throwings, and submission techniques on the ground. Kudo has its origins in Kakuto Karate (Combat Karate).

The moral of the story is, weight lifting by itself will do almost nothing for you in a fight against a trained athlete. Better hit the mats!

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